Wednesday 5 December 2012

Review:: Previously Engaged by Elodia Strain

Previously Engaged by Elodia Strain
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Pages: 292
Format: Kindle
Review by: Mary

Annabelle Pleasanton has just been given the chance of a lifetime: A $50,000 "Dream Wedding." The only problem? She's not technically, 100 percent, all-the-way engaged. Her best friend has seen the ring, and her boyfriend has been dropping all kinds of hintsbut something seems to be keeping him from popping the question. With interference from all sides, including exciting new job opportunities, eccentric relatives, and ex-high-school-sweethearts, Annabelle begins to wonder if she'll ever get married. In this hilarious sequel to Icing on the Cake Annabelle navigates the crazy, often chaotic twists of life and love and learns some very important lessons along the way about what really matters most.

I just loved The Icing on the Cake and new I needed the next story. Annabelle is a really fun and funky character and I just wanted to know what she'd get herself into next. She's my kind of girl. 

Issac has been laying hints to asking Annabelle to marry him. But why hasn't it happened yet? He even told her best friend. Has he changed his mind? In the meantime Annabelle enters a contest for an all expenses paid dream wedding--and she wins! But, she's not engaged yet. I just knew this was going to be a fun story! 

There are some more serious issues {but not too serious} in this book than the last. There are more pink notes and learning about what love really is. I was worried that Annabelle was being totally selfish and wouldn't get it together. I didn't want this book to be like that. It was so much more! The ending was actually nothing like what I'd thought and I loved it! It showed the depth of Annabelle and what all she'd learned as well as how much Issac really does love her. I'm ready to read it again!

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  1. I love Elodia Strain!! I'm glad to hear that there's some serious (but not too serious) stuff in this one! (Although her books are so fun!!)

    -Jac @ For Love and Books


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