Monday 10 June 2013

Firmoo Eyeglasses! is the world's most popular online eyeglasses store. Years of expertise in optical industry enable to offer varieties of prescription eyewear to the consuming public in high quality yet at extremely affordable prices. offers their customers the cheapest prices at the fraction of what optical store charges.

*I received a pair of Firmoo sunglasses for free in return for an honest review. And I LOVE 'EM

I used to wear a pair of plastic glasses in high school. I was on the speech and debate team and I felt they gave me an edge. I looked studious. I don't need glasses but I've always loved them! My inner geek is shining through. 

Every year I buy some cheapo sunglasses and they always break. Always. I got some Firmoo sunglasses and I have been converted. Seriously. I've never owned a nicer pair. They came with 2 cases ya'll. Plus a cleaning cloth. They also have UV protection and they look fabulous on me. I feel like Edna from Mr. IncredibleI also want these. They are so very Harry Potter.

Now my husband wants Firmoo sunglasses!

I am super satisfied and I love the quality. I'll never buy cheap sunglasses again. Ever. They don't even compare. 

I love that Firmoo ships internationally. They have SO many deals going on all the time that it is easy to get yourself a pair of glasses or sunglasses for a reasonable price.

Just do it! Summer has begun! You deserve a new pair.

Monday 3 June 2013

Review:: Serpent's Treasure by Elaine T. Cook

Serpent's Treasure: The Ancestral Key
Author: Elaine T. Cook
Publisher: Tate Publishing
Pages: 340

A two-thousand-year-old prophecy lingers at the threshold of fulfillment. Sworn to slaughter anyone they suspect could fulfill it, the Leoni family has nearly succeeded in wiping out the family they consider their greatest threat. Meanwhile, Nicolai Cavallo, eccentric heir to the vast Cavallo fortune, has hunted his entire life for his family’s long-lost treasure and is positive his search is paying off when he stumbles across what he believes is the missing key to his encoded map. In Serpent’s Treasure: The Ancestral Key a race against time begins when the computer system designed to help solve Nick’s family riddles is hacked. Elaine T. Cook expertly weaves this thrilling narrative of betrayal and daring. Nick must relocate the system’s unwilling programmer, Juliana Matthews, and convince her to aid him once more. Even so, can she fix the system before the Leonis learn Nick is attempting to fulfill the prophecy or, more importantly, before they discover he has found the key to do so?

Wow!  Within the first few chapters of reading this book I thought it was a mix of Romeo and Juliet (without the tragedy) and The Divinci Code.  By the end of the book I added Indiana Jones adventures to the mix.  What a fun book to read.  It had everything you want, adventure, romance, and a bit of fantasy mixed in.  Reading this book was a breath of fresh air.  It’s not a YA book, which was nice because none of the drama and erratic behaviors from characters are present.  That being said, the book can be enjoyed by young and old.   The characters were well developed and easy to like, or hate in some cases.  The story is also well developed with bits of excitement and adventure tucked in.  The romance is clean and exciting at the same time. I have been immersed in the world that Elaine T. Cook has presented and I am hooked!   I am eagerly awaiting the release of book two. 

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