Monday 17 December 2012

Discussion:: Reading Over the Holidays--Relaxing or Overwhelming?

My idea of relaxing is reading. Nothing better than sitting by the Christmas tree with a good book, a blanket and some hot cocoa. Especially at Christmas. My husband is off work and I can get a few minutes to myself while he watches the baby. I am really looking forward to these next two weeks!

But...I've not actually done my Christmas shopping yet. So my reading time is really going to be cut short. I'll be busy trying to get everything finished and prepared for Christmas. Reading might get in the way more than I'd like.

What about you? Is reading during the holiday's relaxing or do you just have too much to do to enjoy it? 

I'm thinking I'll need some novella's to help me finish my 2012 reading goals for the year. I don't have time for regular sized books right now!


  1. I usually read at night and go visit family over the holidays. So yes, I get some reading time in. Happy Holidays Mary!

  2. It depends on how organised I am! I do like to try and indulge myself in some extra reading time at this time of year as a gift to ME! Looking forward to seeing what you think of Scent of Magic I can't wait to read my copy :)

  3. For the past 2 years I've met my reading goals so I'm usually pretty relaxed in December. I love to have a book with me because there's usually a lot of downtime for me during the holidays.

  4. The holidays is normally when I really get to spend time reading, but as a college student, I don't have too many responsibilities during this time, besides preparing a few things for our family Christmas. Finals are over, which means I get to read enjoyable books instead of books forced upon me!

  5. I find reading over the holidays stressful sometimes, because I set out all the reading I want to have finished before life returns to normal! I never finish it...

  6. I always have high hopes into my holiday reading, but it always falls short. This year however, I have 6 straight days off... the most I've had off for holidays since 2008 when I was in college. I am hoping to get all of my wrapping done before Thursday night, when my vacation starts, so I can spend those 6 days reading and baking. I am sure it will be more like I will finish one book in six days, only make 2 of the items on my baking list (of at least 5) and feel like the McCallisters the morning they are running through the airport like crazy people. We have 6 Christmas stops in two days! -Kari


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