Thursday 17 January 2013

Review:: Luck of the Draw by Kelley Vitollo

Luck of the Draw by Kelley Vitollo
Publisher: Entangled Publishing {BLISS}
Series: Lucky Break {Shamrock Falls #1}
Format: Kindle
Review by: Mary

Rowan McKinley isn’t looking for one wild night while vacationing in Vegas, but she gets it anyway when she meets professional poker player—and professional ladies’ man—Breck Wilder. Breck’s easygoing charm and lighthearted banter draw in the reserved Rowan, and though she’s always dreamed of the kind of forever love her best friends Sidney and Kade share, she’ll settle for one night with the charismatic player.

After their crazy one-night stand, Breck never expected to see the mysterious redhead again. So when he shows up at a Shamrock Falls B&B looking to get away for a few weeks and Rowan answers the door, he’s floored. Breck’s rolling-stone lifestyle and ill-fated history with women means he’s not interested in anything long-term. But the longer he stays at the B&B, the more he considers dropping the poker face and putting all his cards on the table…for Rowan.

I absolutely loved Lucky Break so I bought Luck of the Draw on release day. I knew this would be a read in one day kind of thing. I couldn't wait to get back to Shamrock Falls. 

We got to know Rowan in Luck Break. She is a best friend and Bed & Breakfast owner. She's single. Life overall has been good but she has a new business and no one to share it with. She's a good girl really. When she meets Breck Wilder she decides to give herself one wild night. She gets more than she planned on.

Breck Wilder is pretty funny. I loved his sense of humor and how he kept most things light. But, when it counted he was right there front and center. Dream guy! I loved his whole reaction at the end. It felt real. I love that ti didn't even cross his mind to shirk from his responsibilities and how he was going to make things work. 

I even loved the not so main characters! I'm crazy for Jace and Betsy's story. I had dreams about them last night when I went to bed. How would their story go? What changes will take place that make Jace finally notice Betsy? I'm a lot like Betsy and I really want to know her story. Jace is pretty hot to me too!

This is a really cute story. Rowan and Breck get to know each other and become friends. I loved romance stories where the couple are friends first. That's the way it should be in my eyes. I'm not a fan of insta love and you'll get none of that here. You see real character development. Real, everyday people falling in love. What's not to like?! 

If you are looking for a clean romance with real characters, then head to Shamrock Falls. You'll meet friends and have a little love affair of your own. Luck of the Draw is worth your time! This is my new favorite series!

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