Thursday, 31 January 2013

Let's Talk Romance News

Check out some Romance News around the web! 

+Harlequin has a new imprint! Harlequin Kiss will have 4 new stories every month! 

+ Download a FREE book from Harlequin's new imprint Harlequin Kiss! 

+ Romance Writer's of America February {RWA} Online Workshops These are some really cheap workshops and I'm partial to this one.

+ Romance Reader Statistics. This is so interesting!

+ World tallest teen girl tower's over boyfriend. I love quirky romance stories like this.

+ I'm kind of obsessed with Entangled Publishing's imprint BLISS. They have the perfect contemporary romances! Find out why I love them so much.

Romance Novels I Want


Let’s Talk Romance is an original feature/meme hosted by yours truly {Mary @ The Sweet Bookshelf} and {Jac @ For Love and Books} . We love romance and wanted a place where we could discuss it freely each week! Come along each Thursday and you’ll be able to participate in discussion questions, reviews, lists, and all things romance. When we have a Mr. Linky present you’ll be able to post the topic on your blog as well. We hope to get to know other romance lovers as well as maybe get a few more to give the genre a try. Let’s Talk Romance!! 


  1. The worlds tallest girl is kind of a cool article!! (I always count myself lucky, since most guys are taller than me!! Even my shorty husband!)

    -Jac @ For Love and Books

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