Thursday 10 January 2013

Let's Talk Romance:: Top 5 Romance Author's

Today we're talking about our favorite romance authors. These are the romance author's that have cemented my love of the genre. I hope you'll check out what they have to offer!

01. Shannon Stacey:: She was my first ever experience with adult contemporary romance. I was completely hooked. I went out in search of more of her books immediately after finishing Yours to Keep. I love the Kowalski family saga!

02. Kristan Higgins:: Her books are so fun! She also always has awesome covers. When I read Until There Was You in one sitting, I just knew I needed more. The character's were believable and there are plenty of one liner's to keep you swooning. "Don't be nice to me," she whispered, though she didn't move away. "I might cry if you are." 

03. Robyn Carr:: Come one people! It is Robyn Carr!! How could I not put her on this list. I'm obsessed with her Virgin River series. There are more than 20 books! Hello! I'll just gorge myself on romance novels thank you very much. My most favorite has got to be Sunrise Point. I am still thinking about it. In fact, I think I'm going to re-read it immediately. I loved everything about this book. 

04. Jill Shalvis:: Addicted. That is the only word that comes to mind when I hear the name Jill Shalvis. Her Lucky Harbor series had me stuck to my kindle for a week until I read them all. It was as if every book was just getting better and better! My favorite has to be At Last. There is something about camping {and a hot forest ranger} that brings people together. 

05. Kelley Vitollo:: She is a newcomer and debut author of Lucky Break. The next installment  Luck of the Draw, comes out next week! Eek! She made me love even the background character's and I closed the book just dying to know more of their stories. I've read several of her self published young adult titles and was so excited to hear she had a publishing deal with an adult romance. She is fast becoming a new favorite!

Now, tell me yours! I want to know what romance author's you think I should be reading. Who's your favorite?!


  1. Stacy, Higgins and Carr all make my list! I need to explore the others and you didn't mention any historical fiction authors like MacLean and Jeffries..oh-la-la!

    1. I've not tried many historical romance. I do like Anita Stansfield's THE GABLE FACES EAST and Prudence Bice's work. They are pretty timid historical romances though. I need to get more into it.

      Contemporary romance is totally my thing lately!

  2. I NEED to read more of the Virgin River books!! I loved the one that I read (the first one) and I should see what my library has in terms of audio - lately I'm in need for some audio books and that sounds like a good idea!!

    -Jac @ For Love and Books

    1. You do! Read SUNRISE POINT. Oh my gosh I love it.

      I totally want romance on audio!! I bet it would be...smexy! Ha! Hearing all that yummi-ness on audio. Ha!

  3. i really like Jil Mansell books, they are romantic but also really hilarious!
    greetings from :) xx

  4. I love Jill Mansell. Her books are usually set in England and are always funny! Some of my other favorite romance writers are Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, (mystery/suspense/romance), and Jude Deveraux.


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