Monday 14 January 2013

Confessions {6}

1. When a character in the book winks, rolls their eyes, or bites their lip I have to do it too...a couple of times.

2. If I watch the movie before reading the book, I never will read the book. That's why I've never read or seen The Lord of the Rings. I just need to read the books first! {well, I've read The Hobbit a million times}

3. My son is currently obsessed with The Gingerbread Man and The Three Little Pigs books. I swear that's all we read.

4. I started out blogging about books on my personal blog 4 yrs ago last October. When I finally started my book blog I didn't know other people blogged about books. I'd never seen or heard of a book blog. At the time only my family wanted to know what I was reading. Sometimes I wish I still thought I was the only one.

5. Last year I pretty much only read contemporary.

6. This morning {release day} I bought  Luck of the Draw by Kelley Vitollo. I loved Lucky Break and have just been dying for this next story. I love me some contemporary romance!

7. I have a stack of paperbacks to get through and to be honest...I wish they were on my kindle.

What confessions do you have for this Monday morning?


  1. I love your confessions!! LOVE them :) Let's see... a few of mine?

    I am a lifelong Stephen King fan - but since I started listening to his books on audio? I cannot read them anymore, I much prefer the audio version.

    I have $20 in Library Fines!! (We went out of town for a month, I took 10 books and 5 DVD's and forgot to renew them while we were gone! DVD's are $1/day in fines!)

    -Jac @ For Love and Books

    1. Oh, I've had fines!! So high I had to wait until the annual Amnesty Day to return them at no charge. It was crazy!! Now, I'm much more careful about what I take out. Meaning just my son's books! Ha! I'm awful.

  2. Girl, I should take a picture of my house and the numerous stacks of unread physical review copies! It's amazing. I also have a huge box filled with books I don't even plan to read that I want to give away to whomever will bloody take the things!

    I am so in love with my new Paperwhite that I can't bring myself to read a physical copy! I have a three day weekend this weekend so I did start an ARC copy of POISON by Bridget Zinn that I'm hoping to finish before going back to work. I don't see that happening though! :( I've done more knitting (it's so cold!) than reading this weekend.


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