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Blog Tour:: Easy By Tammara Webber + Character Profiles

Easy by Tammara Webber
Publisher: CreateSpace
Pages: 316
Format: Kindle-ARC
Review by: Mary

When Jacqueline follows her longtime boyfriend to the college of his choice, the last thing she expects is a breakup two months into sophomore year. After two weeks in shock, she wakes up to her new reality: she's single, attending a state university instead of a music conservatory, ignored by her former circle of friends, and failing a class for the first time in her life.

Leaving a party alone, Jacqueline is assaulted by her ex's frat brother. Rescued by a stranger who seems to be in the right place at the right time, she wants nothing more than to forget the attack and that night--but her savior, Lucas, sits on the back row of her econ class, sketching in a notebook and staring at her. Her friends nominate him to be the perfect rebound.

When her attacker turns stalker, Jacqueline has a choice: crumple in defeat or learn to fight back. Lucas remains protective, but he's hiding secrets of his own. Suddenly appearances are everything, and knowing who to trust is anything but easy.

I am so totally jumping on this New Adult bandwagon if this is what is inside! I was totally gripped from page one and I didn't stop until I was finished. The book starts off with assault, but don't be thinking this is a depressing story because it isn't. I'm not such a fan of doom and gloom books and being all depressed. I read to escape and escape is what I got with Easy. It was so easy {pun intended} to get sucked in. 

Easy takes place in college. I love a college setting. It lends itself to more experiences beyond the walls of high school and the characters home. Jacqueline and Lucas are old enough to do what they want when they want it. They are free to make their own path and they don't need any parents around. 

Jacqueline is easily relate-able. We've all had that one break up that shook us and we got behind on our life. She's smart and friendly. I'm totally in love with Lucas. What a great character. He's got so many different facets he's almost like different people. It is nice that he's all wrapped up in a package. He's got it all. It is the imperfections that make him a good fit for Jacqueline. 

The plot was predictable on many levels. You could see where the story was going, but please don't mistake this as not a good thing. There is enough to keep you guessing what will happen next so it doesn't fall into the predictable cliche. It was a nice ride. I liked the pace of it and it was an easy {pun not intended} read. 

If you read my blog then you know I'm all about the romance. I gotta feel something. I need toe curling kissing and passages that make me need to re-read them several times before I can move on. Easy was totally steamy and made me long for the next scene with Lucas. This romance is de-lish!

First self published until Penguin UK got smart and snatched it up for its very own traditional publishing, Easy is setting the pace for the New Adult genre {what ever that is anyway??}. I'm liking where we're heading and I'll be watching for what author Tammara Webber comes out with next.

*****Easy Character Profiles by Tammara Webber*****

Jacqueline is the narrator of Easy – a girl who followed her longtime high school boyfriend to the university he chose, but just into their second year there, he broke up with her. The loss of their nearly three-year relationship leaves her floundering for a couple of weeks. She skips the one class they have together. She doesn’t go out with her friends. Finally, her roommate convinces her to go to a party – but her ex is there, and he’s clearly moving on without her. Leaving the party early, she walks to her car, distracted, and is assaulted in the parking lot by one of her ex’s frat brothers – a guy she’s known for over a year.

Lucas is a something of a loner. Putting himself through school while working two part-time jobs and tutoring on the side, he doesn’t make time for relationships and rarely goes beyond the most shallow interactions with his peers. But after witnessing and saving Jacqueline from an attack in a dark parking lot, he feels a sense of responsibility for her, along with a growing attraction. Keeping secrets that only serve to make him appear more of a bad boy, it doesn’t take him long to understand that Jacqueline may be using him as a rebound. He doesn’t want to reveal the obvious secret she’s sure to discover, nor the deeper one she’ll never unearth – a deep-rooted guilt he shares with no one.


  1. I'm seeing this all over at them moment, I might have to download it. Nice review.

  2. I love the book and would love to see it in a movie!! : )

  3. I love the book and would love to see it in a movie!! : )

  4. I have this one on my Kobo and I can't wait to read it! It's been getting some pretty amazing reviews.

    Great review Mary!

    Irene Jennings of San Pedro Storage


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