Tuesday 31 January 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Book Club Picks

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I've always wanted to be in a book club.  I have never seemed to live near my fellow reader friends.  My mom has a book club, with tween girls.  They call themselves The Page Turners. How cute is that?!  They dress up as a character from the book, have an activity centered around the book, as well as a question and answer game.  Wish I lived close enough to participate! Sounds SO fun! These would be my top Book Club picks to read and discuss with other women!  

Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella
These is My Words by Nancy Turner
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
The Secret Life of Bee's by Sue Monk Kidd

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare
Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
The Widower's Wife by Prudence Bice

The Gable Faces East By Anita Stansfield

What would be your top Book Club picks?


  1. I'd do a book club! Can you do one with just two people? ;-) I've always wanted to be part of one, but just haven't had the chance...

  2. @Jen I'd totally do one! I never seem to have reader friends. But, I've always wanted to be in one. My sister has had 2 really great book Clubs. One when she lived in Arizona. And now one is Oregon. She finally got an invite for a coveted open spot. I've always been jealous. Let's do it! Let's both pick 5 books we want to read. She bring them on Friday when we meet up. Then we can decide what to read first!

  3. But Mary, you have participated in the girls book club! You have sent them bookmarkers, recommendations, we have webcam during our meeting and they all know you are there in spirit. Thanks for your support!
    Love, Marmee

  4. I've only read a couple of the books on your list (Confessions of a Shopaholic is one of my favorite books ever!) but the rest look good. I've always wanted to read Eat Pray Love but just haven't gotten to it.

  5. I've only read the Hunger Games series from your list - and totally agree - they should be read by all :-)

  6. @Mom Well, you know what I mean. I wish I could be there physically and join in the fun. When's your next meeting? Or are you guys waiting for the summer time?

    @Kimberly My mom and I read Eat, Pray, Love together and I admit that I was never a non-fiction person before I read this book. It was FANTASTIC! It made me want to go after all my dreams. Find my true self. Excellent read!

    @Tanya I think The Hunger Games is a catch all! It can turn non-readers into readers. It can get anybody excited about reading. I love it! I've not met anybody who hasn't!

  7. Loved Confessions of a Shopaholic! And yeah for Hunger Games! I've always wanted to be in a book club too.

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairytale Reviews

  8. Great list. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is loved by many of my friends, but I have yet to read it. Maybe I should give it a try.

    -FABR Steph@FiveAlarmBookReviews
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