Wednesday 26 October 2011

Review: The Widower's Wife by Prudence Bice

Title: The Widower's Wife
Author: Prudence Bice
Publisher: Cedar Fort Books
Pages: 200
Format: Kindle

When Jillian Grey answers Dalton McCullough s newspaper advertisement requesting a mail-order bride to take care of his three young children, they both agree that their marriage is one of convenience and nothing more. But when they realize their growing attraction for each other, they must decide if giving in to their feelings is worth the risk of upsetting their new family s delicate balance. This engaging debut from Prudence Bice is a wholesome love story that satisfies and uplifts while reaffirming your faith in the human spirit.

I read another book by this author the other day, The Kissing Tree, and loved it so much I sought out if she had written anything else. The Widower's Wife is what I found.  I was just as good, if not better!  This time period has always fascinated me.  The Wild West.  What must it have been like for women in those days?  The hardships they had to bare and what was life like? 

I was immediately drawn to Jillian and I fell head over heels for Dalton during his first scene.  All that was within the mere beginning pages of this book.  I knew I was going to love it.  I had the clearest picture of Dalton.  His strong arms and thick chest.  Handsome and young.  Yum!  What would it be like to be married to such a man as his mail ordered bride?!  I can think of a few things....

Anyway, this was a great story.  Finding love through loss.  I felt for the children and I was rooting for Jillian and Dalton to finally voice their love to one another.  I wasn't sure if they ever would!

If you like historical books, then this is for you.  It's got a western feel to it as well as a bit of adventure!  I loved it! I will be dreaming of Dalton tonight.


  1. I love books where the main characters are together a lot. It's hard to balance that tension. Thanks for the rec :D

  2. Hi Mary, came across your blog on technorati. It looks really good, love the design and what I've read from the content so far. Following you via twitter! :)

  3. LOVED this book. I still think about it. Want to re-read it. The characters just spoke to me. Amazing.


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