Saturday 23 January 2010

Review: These is my Words

Title: These Is My Words
Author: Nancy E. Turner
Publisher: Harper Perennial
Reading Level: Adult
Rating: 5/5

A special Thank you to my sister Becca for sending me this book. I loved it!

A moving, exciting, and heartfelt American saga inspired by the suthor's own family memoirs, these words belong to Sarah Prine, a woman of spirit and fire who forges a full and remarkable existence in a harsh, unfamiliar frontier. Scrupulously recording her steps down the path Providence has set upon her-from child to determined young adult to loving mother-she shares the turbulent events, both joyous and tragic, that molded her, and recalls the enduring love with cavalry officer Captain Jack Elliot that gave her strength and purpose.

Wow. There are no words.

I have just finished this book and am sitting here full of tears running down my face at this amazing story. It is beautiful, heart-wrenching, moving, exciting, and unforgettable. Sarah must be my favorite heroine to date. She is so strong, smart, loving, and fearless. Bravo to author Nancy Turner. I have never felt so connected to a story and character in all my life. Brilliant.

Oh, and I'm in love with Jack.

I have heard there are 2 more books to this story. I will HAVE to buy them tomorrow. I NEED them.

"But Jack, you're just a Captain and I'm the General. I order you not to go.
He tried to smile, . . . .These orders, he whispered, come from the Commander in Chief."

"A nice girl should never go anywhere without a loaded gun and a big knife." ~ Sarah Agnes Prine"


  1. Glad you loved it Mar! It is one of my favorites :)

  2. Wow. I've never heard of this book before and it sounds like I need to be more closely acquainted with it! Putting it onto my reading wishlist...

  3. It is amazing! I took it to work today just so I could re-read some of my favorite parts. I have a feeling I'll be doing that all week. I can't get this story out of my mind.

  4. This book is amazing! I'm trying to find a Danish edition, because I'd hate to steal from the library ... haha. I just have to own it!


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