Tuesday 28 February 2012

Teaser Tuesday: Night Sky by Jolene Perry

Here is a little teaser of the book I just finished Night Sky by Jolene Perry. AND....It's a little bit more than 2 sentences. I don't think you'll mind.

“Tonight is me taking care of you.”
            I step toward her and raise an eyebrow. I could think of a few ways I’d like to be taken care of.
            “Puh-lease.” She pushes past me into my house, a large bag in her hand. “You’re an emotional wreck. And I know to guys, that doesn’t matter, but it does matter to girls. So. Tonight I’m going to be your friend.” She turns to face me.
            “Sounds depressing,” I tease.
            “Don’t tease.” Her eyes narrow.
            “But I’ll want to kiss you all night, and if we’re friends, I won’t be able to.” I wonder if protesting will get me anywhere.
            “Jameson. Just take it.” She tries to sound bored, tired.
            “Okay.” But I haven’t seen her in days. I want something.
            She stands looking at me. Her eyes widen. “You’re serious. Aren’t you?”
            “Of course I’m serious!” I’ve been thinking about our kiss since she left.
            “Fine, come here. Let’s get the kiss over with.” She rests against the counter and motions with her hand for me to step closer. Her face is flat. She looks almost bored.
            “I’m sorry it’s so torturous for you.” I step closer. She’s so beautiful I feel it in my chest.
            “It’s not.” She shakes her head. Her voice is soft. “Kissing you is like . . . it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt.” I watch her swallow. Does this mean she’s nervous? Is it possible for Sky to be nervous?
            This makes me pause. I pause long enough to get my head on straight so I don’t devour her in needing our mouths together. I take the bag out of her hands and set it on the kitchen counter. I can hear her breathing change – it’s more shallow and loud. I’m thrilled to have this effect on her. I brush my lips against hers and open my mouth slightly before kissing her again. Her arms slide around my neck, bringing us together. Now it’s her who’s pressing herself against me, and her mouth that’s moving more urgently against mine. This is amazing. My body is both tense and warm with relaxation at the same time.
            “You. Are. Dangerous.” She whispers in my ear.
            My mouth tries desperately to pull into a grin. I try desperately to stop it. Because, really, I need to be cooler than that.
            “Come on. Show me to your room.” She picks up her bag from the counter, and I know she’s purposefully keeping her eyes off mine.
            “And pick up where we just left off?” I slide my fingers down her back. Her shirt is as soft as it looks.
            “I’m re-thinking the whole honesty thing,” she teases.


  1. i love the look of your blog esp the header!
    nice tease!

    Trish - My Teaser

  2. Wow! That's some tease, thanks! New follower! Here is my tease: Mom Reads My Books

  3. Jolene Perry is a nice author! LOL. Your teaser is so long but I love it! Thanks for sharing!

    Here's my TT

  4. Sometimes we need a bit more than a couple of sentences. Thanks!

    Mine is also a few sentences, since I'm doing First Paragraph/Chapter as well:


  5. Oh my goodness! Talk about a Teaser, I feel like I need to jump in the car and pick up this book. That was a fabulous teaser! Thanks for sharing!

    Darlene @ Leather Bound and Lovely

  6. A great teaser!


  7. What an interesting teaser. I really want to read this book. My teasers are from Timeless by Gail Carriger and Dark Eyes by William Richter. Happy reading!

  8. Cool excerpt! :) It really does grab your attention. :) My teasers are from Soul and Shadow and the Whipping Club here Teaser Tuesday

  9. Wow... will be reading this!


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