Thursday 4 April 2013

Blog Tour:: Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers + Giveaway

I am so excited about Dark Triumph! I am a big fan of Grave Mercy and have been looking forward to this next installment for some time. It has the feel of Graceling by Kristin Cashore and I know you all loved that!

The eBook for Dark Triumph is available now!
But, you'll have to wait until June for the paperback.
Get it while it's hot.

Here is what you'll find in this post:: 

+ Learn about the book {as well as a trailer and an excerpt}
+ a guest post from the author herself on fairy tale influences  
+ I'm giving away Grave Mercy {His Fair Assassin #1}  

*****About the Book*****

Sybella arrives at the convent’s doorstep half mad with grief and despair. Those that serve Death are only too happy to offer her refuge—but at a price. Naturally skilled in both the arts of death and seduction, the convent views Sybella as one of their most dangerous weapons.

But those assassin’s skills are little comfort when the convent returns her to a life that nearly drove her mad. Her father’s rage and brutality are terrifying, and her brother’s love is equally monstrous. And while Sybella is a weapon of justice wrought by the god of Death himself, He must give her a reason to live. When she discovers an unexpected ally imprisoned in the dungeons, will a daughter of Death find something other than vengeance to live for?

This heart-pounding sequel to Grave Mercy serves betrayal, treachery, and danger in equal measure, bringing readers back to fifteenth century Brittany and will keep them on the edge of their seats.

*****Guest Post::Fairy Tale Influences by Robin La Fevers*****

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While Dark Triumph is not a true retelling, it does contain echoes of at least two of my favorite fairy tales: Beauty and the Beast and Bluebeard.

I suppose it’s inevitable to be influenced by Beauty and the Beast when one has a hero named Beast. I was drawn to his character in the first book because as a child, one of my greatest early literary disappointments was when the beast turned into a handsome prince at the end of that tale. I was heartbroken and felt I’d been cheated. I had grown attached to that kind, ugly, dear monster and I greatly resented the boring handsome dude who replaced him. So when I was casting around for some of Duval’s companions in arms, I came up with Beast. Like Sybella, he was larger than life and threatened to take over the story in Grave Mercy. That was when I realized he would need his own book. And who better to pair him with than a tortured beauty who also threatened to steal every scene she was in.

Also, I thought the themes touched on in the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale worked well for the story I was telling in Dark Triumph—that love can see beyond the external to our true essence. In fact, I think that is what makes a compelling romance; when the hero/heroine is able to see things in the other that no one else can. They recognize our secret hidden selves and respond to that.

But there is a strong influence of another fairy tale in Dark Triumph as well. As I researched the history and folklore of Brittany, I discovered that the two historical seeds of one of the most fascinating fairy tales of my childhood—Bluebeard—had its roots in ancient Breton history.

The earliest seed for the Bluebeard tales can be found in Conomor the Cursed, who had been told that he would be slain by his own son. Consequently, whenever one of his wives became pregnant, he killed her. The second historical basis for Bluebeard occurred only fifty or so years prior to the events in Dark Triumph. Gilles de Reitz had been the Marshal of France and a nobleman who fought alongside Joan d’Arc in the Hundred Years War. But once the war was over and he returned to his holding, he is rumored to have been at the root of over a hundred gruesome child murders, and was tried and hung for those crimes. 

The Tale of Bluebeard fascinated, even as it horrified me and hinted at a darkness and depravity my seven year old mind could only guess at. I was outraged on behalf of the young wife whose only sin was curiosity, and equally outraged that such a blood punishment should await her. And Bluebeard himself gave me nightmares, with his aggressive, bristling blue-black beard and the fleshy lips that were so often portrayed in the accompanying illustrations. I felt there was a warning there, although I was too young to grasp it.

Since Sybella’s story was so dark and dealt with many of those very themes I was so disturbed by when younger, it seemed especially important to give her a message of hope as well; that love had the ability to see beyond the façade she presented to the world and recognize her true essence.

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  1. Ilona Andrews - Magic Bites. Kate Daniels is such a kick ass heroine!

    1. I'm checking this out Helen! Thanks for the recs!

  2. So excited for Dark Triumph! Loved Grave Mercy!! Yay!

  3. I've never heard of these books, but anything that has fairy tale roots is for me!

    1. Laree, I'm crazy over fairytale's! There was a year that was all I'd read. I really loved this one.

  4. I've been wanting to read Grave Mercy for awhile now! :)

  5. I love that Robin blends Beauty and the Beast and Bluebeard. I can't wait to meet Beast and Sybelle. This series is getting some tremendous reviews. I must get on the bandwagon. Thanks for the chance to win. Kimba sent me over :)

    1. Jump on the bandwagon girl! These are some fantastic books!

      I love a good UK only giveaway. Makes the odds seem better ;)

  6. Told you I'd stop by! Danielle x

  7. Thanks for the giveaway, I have been meaning to read this book for a while :)

    1. I love a UK giveaway! I hope you win so you can read it!

  8. Oh my god I love this series. Grave Mercy and Dark Triumph were both SOOO amazing!!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I absolutely agree with Robin I always wished that the Beast would stay exactly the same, he's already shown that he's deep down a good person the turning into the handsome prince does seem like a little bit of a cop out!

  10. I have not heard of this series before now. I looks like a good one that would grab you from the very first page. Thank you for the chance to win it.


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