Friday 5 April 2013

For Your Weekend

Well, I broke my pinky toe this week. My husband heard the crack in the other room. My whole foot has gone black and blue and my toe is swollen the size of a sausage. Here's hoping it heals this week! I kind of need my foot back.

I've been listening to The Girl Who Played with Fire by Steig Larsson on audiobook. I've never read this genre before and I'm just sucked in. This is good writing people. I also couldn't help but pick up City of Bones by Cassandra Clare again. Man, I love the Shadowhunter world. I took it to the park this afternoon and read in the sun on a park bench while my son played on the slide. My idea of bliss.

Here are a few things I have read and loved around the internet this week::

+ Destination bookstore:: This Brazilian bookstore is so cool! 

+ Romance Writing Contest {deadline April 15th}

+ 10 Tips for Becoming a Better Writer 

+ 12 Alternatives to Goodreads

+ What every author's website needs

+ 2 different types of writers block and how to deal with them.

+ 7 of the most beautiful libraries in the world!

+ Literary Fiction Must Go {I kind of love this article!!}

+ Cover Trends. What do you think of the latest? I'm glad the girl with the big dress is over.

+ Judy Blume on BBC Radio 4!

I hope these posts fill your weekend reading a bit. 
Have a great weekend!

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