Friday 26 April 2013

A Few Things For Your Weekend

I'm reading a travelogue right now. It is a bit hard to get into. Not because it isn't goo but because I've been on an all fiction brain candy diet for quite some time. It is hard to switch gears. Ya know? But, I do believe we need to read non-fiction. I love reading about people who live extraordinary lives. 

Spring still hasn't shown its face here in Scotland. I'm waiting. I'm about to go all crazy up in this place if it doesn't warm up soon. 

Here are a few things I read, saw and loved around the internet this week. 

The most well-read cities in America {According to Amazon}

How to teach your 6-7 yr old to decode bigger words while reading

FREE audio of The Great Gatsby!

Are writers badgering readers?

A different kind of romantic gesture {love this!!!}

Authors: readers don't owe you sh*t

15 delightful vintage books that you need to read 

In Case You Missed It::


  1. I'm switching between fiction and non-fiction, and while I find getting into fiction is much easier no matter what, it's always a little more difficult to switch my mind to the style of non-fiction.


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