Wednesday 7 November 2012

Review:: 10 Weeks by Jolene Perry and Janna Watts

Title: 10 Weeks
Authors: Jolene Perry and Janna Watts
Pages: abt 250
Format: Kindle

10 weeks, 3 counselors...summer love shouldn't be this complicated.

Kay-Kay has known Alex since she was first a camper. He's always been her friend, the guy who gets her more than anyone else. Now, she's nineteen and suddenly he's become more. But with so much of her life still ahead of her, Kay-Kay isn't sure if risking her heart will be worth risking her future.

Jody is not the girl who goes after the hottie. She's the girl who sits in the corner with her steady boyfriend and observes. But when her boyfriend unexpectedly dumps her, and the Irish bartender seems interested... This might have to be her summer of firsts.

Sam doesn't do love. She's tested those waters and has no interest in nearly drowning again. But a summer away from the perfect guy isn't doing anything to heal her heart. Memories of Nate along with his constant texts lead Sam into a self-destructive spiral. And it's only when he forces his way back into her life that she learns the only way to save herself is to open her heart.

This is the story of 3 girls and their summer working at a camp. They are the counselor's and this is their story. It's as if each girl gets her own novella and they are all compiled a book together. I loved it.  I got just enough from each story/girl. This really made me want to go back to summer camp. Oh how I miss those times! I never got to go for longer than a week though, and that would have seriously been my bread and butter. 

19 yrs old and in love with a 40 yr old. Sounds weird, but it wasn't at all. AT. ALL. I've never thought age mattered and I love hearing stories like these. Kay-Kay and Alex have been friends since she was 9 yrs old and coming to camp. Now she's a counselor and she's had her sights set on Alex for a long time. This summer she's going to do something about it. I loved her personality and I loved watching them fall in love with each other. I actually wouldn't mind a follow-up story with these two. 

She's my favorite story. I guess I'm most like Jody. She is 21 and kind of a prude, well... she's just a little naive.  She just hasn't had a lot of life's experiences. She doesn't want to drink alcohol and she's not ready to have sex yet. She is her own person. Living life the way she wants. Her boyfriend of 2 yrs broke up with her and she is heartbroken. She meets the bartender Liam {he's Irish!} and things start to change. Let me tell you that this couple was my favorite. I just love them with all of me. I love Liam and I really really hope we get a follow up novella on them. I need it. 

She's the screw up. I wanted to slap her silly a few times. She just doesn't know what to do with herself. She's in love with Nate but doesn't want to say it. Why would he want her? She is the most harsh of the group. She has really messed things up. She's running and that's why she is back at camp this summer. I loved seeing her change of heart and her courage to just go for it. 

This is a really great novella and it makes me really want to go camping. I hope we get a follow up of all these love stories. I just want to touch base with them all. See how they all are. If you're looking for a great quick read then 10 Weeks is it!! 


  1. Sounds like a really cute book! Unfortunately, I never went to summer camp. Every time I watch movies or read about summer camp, I always wish I had been able to go. I love The Parent Trap(original version) movie's camp scenes!

  2. I read this a few weeks ago! I LOVED it!! I loved Kays Kays the best but Jody's was great to!


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