Friday, 20 April 2012

Kids at the Shelf: Partials by Dan Wells

Partials by Dan Wells
Publisher: Harper Collins Children's Books UK
Pages: 482
Format: eBook
Review by: Morgan (age 14)

A special Thank you to Harper Collins and NetGalley fro sending this book to review. 

The only hope for humanity isn’t human.
In a world where people have been all but wiped out by a virus created by part-human cyborgs called ‘Partials’, and where no baby survives longer than three days, a teenage girl makes it her mission to find a cure, and save her best friend’s unborn child.
But finding a cure means capturing a Partial…

I really enjoyed this book. It was filled with action, so much that I thought my iPhone would explode! This is the most thrilling books I've read this year. I've read it 3 times now and it hasn't gotten old. I think I will read it for the 4th time this summer if I have time. All people who love science fiction and head strong teenagers will love this book. 


  1. I just finished Partials this week myself and really enjoyed it. Can;t wait for the sequel!

  2. This is on the shelf at work and I keep thinking I should buy it. I'm seeing it around a lot at the moment.


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