Sunday 19 July 2009

Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter

Title: Faery Rebels (US)/Knife (UK)
Author: RJ Anderson
Publisher: HarperCollins
Reading Level: 9-12 yrs old

Deep inside the great Oak lies a dying faery realm, bursting with secrets instead of magic. Long ago the faeries mysteriously lost their magic. Robbed of their powers, they have become selfish and dull-witted. Now their numbers are dwindling and their very survival is at stake.

Only one young faery—Knife—is determined to find out where her people's magic has gone and try to get it back. Unlike her sisters, Knife is fierce and independent. She's not afraid of anything—not the vicious crows, the strict Faery Queen, or the fascinating humans living nearby. But when Knife disobeys the Faery Queen and befriends a human named Paul, her quest becomes more dangerous than she realizes. Can Knife trust Paul to help, or has she brought the faeries even closer to the brink of destruction?


Another fantastic debut novel! This book was just full of awesomeness. I absolutely loved reading it! The plot was something totally different, which was beyond refreshing! This is the type of faeries that I had always imagined hiding amongst flowers. Knife was so fascinating. Such a complex character. She really made this novel. And I love Paul! I LOVED THIS BOOK!! It sure was a pleasure to read. I've so enjoyed reading about faeries this year!!



  1. Hey! Did you get the books I sent yet? Hope so!!

  2. I haven't read either of these books yet, but the cover for Knife is very cool (I like the blue tint). Happy reading!

  3. hmm maybe i should get this for my classroom.

  4. This looks great! Looks like you are well on your way to blogging and your blog is beautiful! Have lots of fun! I sure do! :)


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