Wednesday 8 July 2009

Fablehaven Series

Title: Fablehaven
Fablehaven: Rise of the Eveing Star
Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague
Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary
Author: Brandon Mull
Publisher: Aladdin (2007)
Reading Level: Young Adult
Rating: 4

For centuries mystical creatures of all description were gathered into a hidden refuge called Fablehaven to prevent their extinction. The sanctuary survives today as one of the last strongholds of true magic. Enchanting? Absolutely. Exciting? You bet. Safe? Well, actually, quite the opposite.

What an exciting second installment! I really, really, REALLY love this series! It's exciting, it's magical, it teaches great morals, it's suspenseful, it has the classic good against evil themes, and it's wonderful for all ages. We revisit Kendra and her brother Seth as Brandon Mull takes the story a bit deeper in Rise of the Evening Star, the second book in the Fablehaven series. In the first book of the Fablehaven series, Kendra and Seth meet magic face-to-face at the refuge run by their grandparents. Here in the second book, magic comes to meet them in their very normal, non-magical lives at school and home. The plot is twisty and at times very hard to predict, which is something I crave in any story.

Here's what you can expect. Adventure. More adventure. Danger. Action. Even more adventure. Some mystery. Some intrigue. Some surprises. If you love action, adventure, and mystery, then Fablehaven is definitely for you!

Brace yourself for a shocking secret. Two hidden artifacts have been found. Three more remain unrecovered. More preserves face destruction as the Society of the Evening Star relentlessly pursues new talismans.

I just finished Fablehaven, on request by my good friends. Boy was it good! It was like Harry Potter and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe all rolled into one. There are currently 4 books in the Fablehaven series, with a 5th on the way. It's a fantasy world that is sure to suck you right in!

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