Sunday 16 October 2011

Review: Fall For Me by Melanie Marks

Title: Fall For Me
Author: Melanie Marks
Publisher: Thunderstruck Publishing
Pages: Novella (17,000 words)
Format: Kindle

When Zoey’s long-time boyfriend, Finn, cheats on her—kissing a girl he “just can’t resist”—he gives Zoey a “Free Pass,” telling her she can kiss any guy she wants. Finn is so cocky and sure of their relationship that the arrangement seems perfect. He’s not worried Zoey will fall for another guy, and he’s itching to get rid of his feelings of guilt.

But the thing is, Zoey knows exactly who she wants to kiss—longs to kiss— Finn’s best friend, Riley. But, she wants the kiss too much. She knows that. So, she resists the “Free Pass.” Still, she’s pushed into it when Finn loses a bet to Riley, and Riley wants his payment—a kiss from Zoey.

This was a cute novella.  I enjoy novella's because they are short and sweet and you can finish them very quickly.  But, I don't like them because I always want more.  More from the characters, the story, just everything.  I liked it a lot, but the ending made me really want to read more.  I don't want to leave it up to my imagination.  I want to know what happened!

If you're in the mood for something cute, then this will be just your thing.  I was rooting for Riley and Zoey the whole time!  I think I'd like to get to know Riley better. ;)

"It's so hot int he kitchen. I'm dying."
Riley flinched his jaw, gazing from my sweaty tank top, back to my legs, then up to my eyes. "Do you really want to play this card?"
My stomach dropped. "What card?"

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