Sunday 9 October 2011

Review: The Guardian by Anita Stansfield

Title: Gables of Legacy: The Guardian
Author: Anita Stansfield
Publisher: Deseret Books
Pages: 324
Format: Kindle
Series: The Gable Faces East, Gables Against the Sky, The Three Gifts of Christmas, First Love and Forever, First Love Second Chances, Now and Forever, By Love and Grace, Home for Christmas, and then THE GABLES OF LEGACY series (6 books)

Over the past few years, Tamra Banks, a confused, new convert from a troubled family has blossomed into a faithful Church member. Friends, family history, a mission in the Philippines, and the sacrifice of all she knows bring about this change. But stability in life does not mean stability in love. And now, Tamra is faced with her greatest challenge.

Tamra moves into the home of Michael and Emily Hamilton, a couple from Australia she met during her mission. The Hamilton's son, Jess--burdened by the guilt of being involved in an accident that killed his brother and sister-in-law--believes that life is no longer worth living. And though Tamra at first finds Jess brooding and harsh, she cannot deny her attraction to him, because she sees who he once was, and who he could become. Living in his ancestral home, sharing the stories of his family's history, Tamra begins to connect with Jess, and a cautious love develops between the two. Jess's depression runs deep, however, and the day is fast approaching when he may choose isolation over marriage, and a permanent end to his pain.

If you can't tell from the list above, this series is HUGE. Epic really. Each book is neatly tied up though. The books just gather momentum to create the whole family saga.  You'll meet the whole family from the late 1800's to current times! Which I love!!!

I read this book almost a decade ago, and I still LOVE it.  I was craving it and it gave me everything I'd hoped for.  This family saga is amazing. Seriously. So full of drama, romance, Australian men, horses, and heartbreak.  What's not to love?!

If you haven't read this family saga, which I'm pretty sure you haven't, you should! It is going to cost me a fortune to get this whole series on my Kindle. My paperbacks are back in the states. I'll have to see if my family will mail them out to me. I'm dying to read them all!! I forgot how much I loved them!

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