Friday 16 April 2010

Discussion: What Book Could You Recommend To a Stranger?

I frequent the book stores. I'm pretty sure some of the employee's at Waterstone's think I'm a stalker. I'm forever perusing the shelves looking for something that calls to me.

Sometimes I just can't help but recommend a book to a stranger near me. If I'm in the Young Adult section and I see a mom and daughter trying to find something, I just can't help speaking up and letting them know about a great book I think they would like. Some of my recommendations have been: Wings by Aprilynne Pike, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and Knife by RJ Anderson.

I can't help it. Is that too personal? Probably. I can't help it though. I want them to pick something GOOD! No one has yet to be offended, they tell me I should work there. I think they should tell the manager that.

So have you ever recommended a book to a stranger? What book was it? Has someone been lurking near one of your favorites and you're afraid they will skip by it, so you just HAVE to tell them about it??

I may be the only personal space invading non-employee....but I'm hoping I'm not.


  1. I always recommend books to people. But most of my friends and family don't like the same sort I do. So I stranger would be ideal. I would recommend the Mary Janice Davidson Undead series, the Twilight series and Practical Magic. I don't think you are a stalker, I think that is sweet you help strangers :) Great post xx

  2. I've yet to recommend These is My Words by Nancy Turner, my favorite book of all time.

    I've been unable to find it in the UK so I haven't had the chance to talk about it to a stranger yet, but I'm just waiting for the right chance!

  3. Book stalker? I love that :)

    I always want to recommend books, but I'm afraid to.

    You go girl!

  4. I just recently recommended Hunger Games to two boys in a local book store. They didn't get it though. The older boy obviously wanted the younger one to get his recommendation so mine was poo-poo'd. Silly boys.

  5. I love that, lol. When book reps are there giving me there thoughts I am recommending books right back to them :-)

    Right now my push is Still Alice by Lisa Genova and the Verse novels by Lisa Schroever.

  6. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is one I've recommended. For me, it depends on what they're looking at usually. But I every once in awhile butt in, too. :) I sometimes wish someone would do it for me!

  7. I always do that at my local bookstore and I'm glad to know I'm that does it!

    I usually try to get a feel for the person and their "type" of books before I recommend anything to them. But I usually just spout out a couple of my favs like Such a Pretty Girl, Willow, Purge, The Hunger Games, Vampire Academy series, Graceling and Fire, Darkest Powers series and several more.

    They always seem appreciative of the suggestions and a few have even bought them! But I find it fun to try and help someone find a new good book to read.

  8. Ha ha, Yes. I think I've done that once. Amazingly enough I get really shy to tell people 'That's a brilliant book'

    Usually I just look at their shoes,(My way of seeing what kind of person they are) then smile whenever they find a good book.

    A couple of times I've had older woman asking me if they'd think this book would be good for their grandaughters. But that's it really.

    I love Wings, great pick. I think all ya girls should read it if their into a cool fantasty :)

    Brill post, great idea.

    Zoë xoxo

  9. I think it's great to do that! I would probably be too shy to actually recommend a book to someone, but it's a good thing to be able to do.

  10. I recommend books, when I'm in the bookstore if someone is considering a book I've read I always pipe up and tell them what I think. I'd like to think they appreciate the input, but maybe they just think I'm some weirdo ;)

  11. I usually don't recommend books to strangers, but I have helped people find books occasionally. I'd love to recommend books to people, but I'm way too shy to do it. Plus, since I'm a 24 year old male and occasionally forget to shave, I feel like a creeper sometimes, lol. Not the best way to recommend books. :P That's very cool that you do though.

  12. Great post! I have never recommended a book to a stranger. I don't think I could either unless I was asked or I worked in a bookstore. Most people would probably think I'm a nutcase! lol

    I love that you're able to though b/c I would love to get recommendations from strangers. Sometimes it's the best way to read a good book outside of your routine genre box.

  13. BookChick, you're funny but I can see why people would be a bit creeped out to get a recommendation from you if you haven't shaved & just randomly walk up to someone.


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