Sunday 11 April 2010

Borrow My ARC Tour-UK & Europe

  • To share my ARC's with UK and Europe ONLY bloggers.
  • To get maximum amount of reviews and buzz for an ARC before its publication date, all for the price of ONE ARC.

What is an ARC?

An advance copy, also known as an advance reading copy or ARC, is a copy of a book released by its publisher before the book has gone to press for a complete printing. ARCs generally do not have the final dust jacket, formatting or binding of the finished product; the text of an ARC may also differ from that of the published book if the book is edited after the ARC is produced. ARCs are normally distributed to reviewers, bookstores, magazines, and (in some cases) libraries between three and six months before the book is officially released.

The Rules:

How Does It Work?
  • I'll ship the book to the first person on the list
  • You read it, then review it on your blog. There is a 2 week limit on borrowing the book. You DO NOT need a book blog, just a blog where you can share the review with others.
  • Link the Borrow My ARC Tour to spread the word
  • You have 2 weeks with the book, to keep the book moving.
  • You then mail it to the next person on the list, I will send you the address.
  • You need to be a follower of The Sweet Bookshelf to participate.
  • The Borrow My ARC Tour is currently only taking place for those individuals located in the UK and Europe.
How Do I Sign Up?

  • When I have an ARC available I will post a link (Borrow My ARC Tour Books) for you to sign up. Just fill in the box provided. I will contact you if you get the chance to review the book.
  • By filling out the form you agree to:
-Read, Review, and mail the book within 2 weeks of the receive date.
-Become a follower of The Sweet Bookshelf
-Email me when you receive the ARC, review it, and ship it on.

Want to share your ARC's too?

I would LOVE for you to share your ARCs! Contact me and we'll set something up!

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  1. Brilliant! I bet Becky The Bookette and Charlotte (Book on the Hill) will love this.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Great idea! I'm new the whole Book Tour thing altogether...


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