Monday 12 April 2010

The Newsstand {11}

  • Maggie Stiefvater released the UK cover for Linger! I love how it will match my cover of Shiver!
  • Sophie Kinsella is coming out with a new book! Mini Shopaholic! Mark your calender for Sept 2, 2010!
  • Want to read a book before its publication date? Check out the Borrow My ARC Tour here at The Sweet Bookshelf.
What news do YOU have for us??


  1. I can't wait for mini shopoholic! September is such a long way away!

  2. I really enjoy the UK Shiver/Linger covers. I love the colour palette.

  3. I <3 typewriters!

    I heard about Spells...but I'm so thinking I will wait for the book. So excited!

  4. I love the UK cover for Linger too. Love that it will match my copy of Shiver!

  5. OK, I can't stop reading the first few chapter of Spells online. I think I know them by heart. I. Must. Have. Book. Now.

  6. 'the News Stand' is a great idea, Mary!
    I've just interviewed Australian fantasy author, Kate Forsyth on my blog. She is so generous with her knowledge.
    Her new book 'The Wildkin's Curse' has just been released. Read all about it on: - 'Turning Grit into Pearls'. Part 2 follows on 5/5/2010


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