Wednesday 5 September 2012

Audiobook:: The Mulberry Tree by Jude Deveraux

The Mulberry Tree by Jude Deveraux
Narrator: Melissa Hughes
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Audio
Length: 12 hrs 21 min
Genre: Adult Mystery

A special Thank you to Simon and Schuster Audio for sending me this book to review.

She had a perfect life. Then she got a real life.... 
For nearly twenty years, quiet, unassuming Lillian Manville has devoted herself to her self-made billionaire husband -- and enjoyed a luxurious life of splendid homes, trips, jewels, and clothes. But when James Manville dies in a plane crash, Lillian's grief is compounded by a shocking mystery: all that Jimmie has left to her is an old farmhouse in tiny Calburn, Virginia. Now, Lillian's unexpected circumstances are leading her to a made-over life in Calburn, an exciting businessÅ and a sweet new love with a handsome local man. But will she have the courage to unveil the truth surrounding a past scandal and the loss of her husband? The answers may be as close as the mulberry tree in her yard -- and Lillian must dig deep within herself to Wght the secrets and lies that threaten to uproot the past she cherished and the future she treasures....This lush bestseller shines with the passion, intrigue, and warmth that is Jude Deveraux at her best.

I have never in my life read a mystery. Seriously. I thought they were all FBI agents and Spencer Tracey like. Not that I'm against that, but I've not delved into the genre yet. But I have now, and I'm hooked. Narrator Melissa Hughes is the perfect voice for Lillian/Bailey. She literally drew me in from her first breath. Her voice is so calm and articulate. I could listen to her all day. In fact, I did! I'll be looking for more of her work for sure.

This mystery was nothing like what I'd expected. I'm so glad I tried it. It is all hidden scandal in a tiny town in Virginia. A story with so many different facets--no wonder nobody knew the truth! It reads like literary fiction and that's what I liked the most. It felt like everyday life and everyday problems that got thrown out of control. I couldn't stop putting together my own conclusions and theories throughout the story. I thought about it as I went to bed and couldn't wait to wake the next morning to keep listening. Maybe my theory would be right? I had to keep listening to find out. I only let myself listen to audiobooks when I'm cleaning or walking. I was trying to find extra chores so I could keep listening!

Lillian/Bailey is my age. She didn't feel my age. She felt about 10 yrs older than me. She's only 32, but seemed much older. She is a great character though. I love her farm house and I'd like one for myself. I grew up in West Virginia and my Mom canned just about everything and I got to help. I pictured Lillian/Bailey as my mother. So organic. She's so smart and such a likable character. I was a little bit in love with Matt too. He's a dream of a guy and I just really liked him a lot.

This is my first Jude Deveraux book and I'm going back for more! I don't want to spoil any of the surprises for this book so I won't say any more. The Mulberry Tree is full of mystery, scandal, love and change. A mix that is sure to bring the perfect ending to your summer reads. I loved it!!


  1. I own this one and am looking forward to the read. One of my favorites by Deveraux is "Knight in Shining Armor"...

  2. Awesome review :)

    Although really?? Never read a mystery? I don't typically read them.... but there are some good ones out there. This one sounds like a fun one, I've never read Deveraux before.

    -Jac @ For Love and Books


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