Thursday 24 May 2012

Review: The Homeschool Experiment by Charity Hawkins

The Homeschool Experiment by Charity Hawkins
Publisher: Familyman Ministries
Format: Kindle

A special Thank You to author Charity Hawkins for sending me her book to review. 

Julianne Miller feels God nudging her to homeschool her three children. The only problem is, she has no idea what she’s doing. Julianne was her high school valedictorian, graduated from college with honors, and had a successful career in the business world. How hard could first grade possibly be? 

Her plans and schedules all look so good on paper. But when it comes to avoiding her preschooler’s public meltdowns, keeping her toddler alive and in a clean diaper, and getting through the morning without everyone dissolving in tears, Julianne is thinking she might not be quite up to the task. 

Can her co-op friends help her before she loses her mind or ruins her children for good? Or should she give up this crazy idea and prove her mother-in-law right? 

With refreshing humor and honesty, Charity Hawkins offers moms encouragement in their noble work at home, a chance to laugh at the moments only a mom would understand, and a reminder to cherish those gifts right under their roofs— those wild, irrational, precious people—their own children. Though the book deals with homeschooling, it also addresses the larger question, “What happens when you feel called to do something that seems entirely too big for you?”

I'm not a home schooler, nor do I plan on being one.My sister is though, and if I felt that it was needed I'm sure we'd consider it. But this book really isn't a how-to. Although it did have a forward from Todd Wilson of Familyman Ministries and ends with a list of resources for home schooling families. 

I read it as fiction. A story to be enjoyed. As a mother, I laughed out loud through most of the book. The stories are so...real. Hilariously so. If they happened to me I'd probably cry or something. But, happening to someone else's kids is just fine. Yet, we've all been there. Kids are unpredictable! If you're a Mom you'll really identify with this book. A lot of really great one-liners. 

I didn't really understand why Julianne was homeschooling to begin with. She stated she was doing it because her husband wanted her to do it, but then he wasn't involved in any formal way. Why do it then? I wanted to see more of a reason for undertaking such a daunting task as well as more fatherly participation if he was indeed the reason for it all.

This book is entertaining and fun. There are lessons to be learned and characters to identify with. I've not read a cute chic-lit-ish  book in awhile. It was fun!


"Indeed. I hate that store-bought baby food too. Which is why we feed our baby pizza."

"Vacations are so exhausting. They aren't vacations at all for the mom. They're just a week of stress in a new place preceeded and followed by a week of laundry,"


  1. Sounds like a cute book. Glad you enjoyed it. Great review :)

  2. Oh My Gosh, that quote about Vacation and Mom's. TOO Funny, and SO True!!


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