Wednesday 19 May 2010

Review: River Secrets

Title: River Secrets
Author: Shannon Hale
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Reading Level: Young Adult
Other titles in the series: The Goose Girl, Enna Burning, Forest Born

Rating: 5/5

Publisher's Summary:
Razo--short, funny and not a great soldier--is sure it's out of pity that his captain asks him to join an elite mission--escorting the ambassador into Tira, Bayern's great enemy.

But when the Bayern arrive in the strange southern country, it’s Razo who discovers the first dead body. He’s the only Bayern able to befriend both the high and low born, people who can provide information about the ever-increasing murders. And he’s the one who must embrace his own talents in order to get the Bayern soldiers home again, alive.

OH MY GOSH! Is it possible this series could get any better?! I just Love Razo! What a spunky cool kid! This story is brimming with adventure and intrigue, mixed with some romance! What's not to like?!

This next installment takes place in Tiran. Yes that's right, the land whom the Bayern were in a war with in the last book. They are there to establish peace. This is Razo's story, and he is a spy for Bayern!

All of our favorite characters are still here: Isi, Geric, Finn, and Enna! Shannon Hale keeps getting better and better!! I think Razo is my favorite boy. He is such a cutie, and the girls love him in this book!

"I'm Razo, a member of Bayern's Own,' he said, stopping himself from adding "Loafing is just a hobby of mine."
Bayern's Own? But you're a child.'
Razo looked up to the sky. 'I'm not a child, I'm just short."


  1. Awesome review!

    I don't know about the cover ;)

  2. I just checked the library catalogue to see if we had these books. I knew I had ordered GOOSE GIRL but didn't recognize the covers. They are all different. They are landscape type covers and will not attract the YA audience. I am glad to see we have these three. Since I am no longer there, I don't know if they will continue to order them. No one there has any children's book order experience.
    If you haven't seen her graphic novel RAPUNZEL'S REVENGE you really need to check it out.

  3. I've just finished this one, and I totally agree that Razo is a great character. So easy-going and unassuming, yet with so much going for him. Great to see the comic-relief turn into such a great hero :)


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