Saturday 29 May 2010

Discussion: Library vs. Book Store

It's a debate folks. Library vs Book Stores. Which do you like better and why?

I like both for various reasons.

I'll always go to the library for a classic. There are also many great books out there that the book stores do not carry anymore, and the library will always have. When I have no money I head on over to the library too. I also know I'll get the attention from the librarian, who will usually have a Masters Degree in some kind of Literature or Library and Information Science. They will always have the time to help me find just what I'm looking for, instead of just stacking books and having no idea what I'm looking for. They usually have some great reading programs, book clubs, and community programs to get into.

I'll go to a book store for new and notable titles. I can usually count on them having the latest releases or some great 3 for 2 deal that I can't pass up. I also love adding books to my personal library too.

Which do you use on a regular basis? Your local Library or the book store? Is there something you like more about one than the other? Let me know your thoughts!


  1. I'm a library and used bookstore kind of girl. Library to find what I like and bookstore to buy what I'll want forever. Maybe someday I'll be rich enough to enter the "real" bookstore and buy something I haven't read! :)

  2. I'm with Sara. I am a library and used book store girl too. I like my bargains plus I LOVE vintage things so I'm always looking for cool classics with nice bindings.

  3. I only go to the bookstore for a book in a series that I can't wait for the library to get. I generally don't want to take the chance at a bookstore on buying something that I won't end up liking. It will make me dislike the story even more because I'll be upset that I spent money on it.

  4. I LOVE the library and I LOVE the bookstore. Both are great for kids, although the library is a bit better I think. I love reserving titles at the library and finding new books for my 7 year old to try. The bookstore is also great, nothing beats a new book and one you've been dying to read and you know you'll re-read. Also, they usually have somewhere I can take home a yummy hot cocoa, and that's a bonus. I know they'll have the timeless board book for my baby. I have bought, and worn through on each of my kids the book Good Night Moon. Great topic ;)

  5. I always buy new books at the bookstore. The book has to be perfect, usually takes me 5-7 minutes going through the same book to pick the best looking one. So no used bookstores or borrowing library books for me.

  6. I love the library, though especially now they don't get all the new releases. I'm going to start going to the bookstore more for those. Both are great resources.

  7. I actually use online book sellers the most, lol. I'm sorry library, but I'd have to go with book store just because I love the feel of new books and the HUGE selection. I love the library as a place to study though. (:

  8. Great question.

    I'd love to say I use the library more but I'm afraid most of my books come from Waterstones or Amazon. Our city library is huge - five floors in total. It's a haven of a place for those who want to find books to take out for their studies (there are three universities in the area) but for fiction? One floor. And not that great a selection.

    My local Waterstones has an amazing selection and I can always rely on it to give me choice. If I can't find what I want there, I'll definitely find it on Amazon.

    I have been going to the library a lot recently to read the Harry Potter books for the first time but the majority of the time it's book shops for me.



  9. I have to admit that I use bookstores almost exclusively - bookstores and BookMooch, I guess. I travel a lot for work and am hesitant to take library books out of the country. Also, I just love owning books, and sharing books. It is a bad addiction, I need to start using the library more at some point here soon.

  10. I use both. Our local libraries don't carry many of the books I read, so those I buy on my own.

  11. I live in a city of ten million with no public library-Manila-in 1903 there were 9 lending libraries in the Manila area-now there are none-

  12. Sorry I'm late in responding--busy transitional period! I know I use libraries more, and not just because I work in one! Finances are so tight for me as I pay off loans. And I keep moving over and over (like last weekend). So one thing that had to be down-sized were my books. I decided that I could live without books that I knew I could access at the library. But for those that I wanted to read whenever I wanted for the rest of time, I go to a used bookstore. I love used books (if they were taken good care of). And I love being able to purchase the entire HP series for $15.

    A new book? Well, that can be nice. But I rarely can feel comfortable buying something new that I know I can get used or borrow from the library. And there are very few books that I cannot wait to read. As I'm in the middle of 40 other books, they're bound to have to wait for some amount of time anyhow!

    And I can say that most of us librarians (so sad that it's not all) LOVE to help you all find information, including books to read! So I hope y'all will remember to use us so we don't have to close and leave places library-less like the aforementioned city. So sad. No library. I don't know how I'd cope.

  13. I just found your blog and I love it!

    So I just found this discussion and obviously I'm a bit late but it inspired me to write my own blog post on the same topic - after I realised I couldn't contain all my comments in this comments section. LOL

    But long story short....I vote The Bookstore!

    And Mary - (said with a big cheesy friendly grin) you have got it the wrong way around! Classics must always be purchased from the bookstore not the library. If you are going to spend any money on books, you should always spend it on the classics! They are the books you read over and over and pass on to your children and grandchildren! Use the library for the fluff or read-once-only books :-) your website and I expect to be a regular visitor now that I have found it. Thanks :-D


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