Friday 26 February 2010

Review: The 13 Treasures

Title: The 13 Treasures
Author: Michelle Harrison
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's
Reading Level: Young Adult
Other titles in series: The 13 Curses

Rating: 4/5

While visiting her grandmother's house, an old photograph leads Tanya to an unsolved mystery. Fifty years ago a girl vanished in the woods nearby - a girl Tanya's grandmother will not speak of. Fabian, the caretaker's son, is tormented by the girl's disappearance. His grandfather was the last person to see her alive, and has lived under suspicion ever since. Together, Tanya and Fabian decide to find the truth. But Tanya has her own secret: the ability to see fairies. And, after disturbing an intruder in the night, it emerges that someone else shares her ability ...The manor's sinister history is about to repeat itself ...

The cover alone made me pick this books up, not to mention it was buy one get one free at Waterstone's. Then I read the back, HELLO..... such a ME book! Sold!

GREAT book! I'm so in love with faerie stories, and this one does not disappoint. A unique story, full of adventure and intrigue. Kept me guessing. I really ate this one up. It's good! I really love Tanya and Fabian. I think they are 2 smart kids and fearless! I can't wait to see what adventures they get into in the sequel The 13 Curses!

"Thirteen...Unlucky...for some."~Mad Morag


  1. O I can't wait to read this. Thanks for the review.

  2. I have still yet to read a fairie story. I really want to though. Saying that, I always wanted to read some angel stories, recently read one, and was really disappointed. :(

  3. Sounds like a bit of a mystery, and I love that! Nice review!

    Une Parole

  4. Ever since I bought this book on a bloggers recommendation for the school library, it has been on loan. Each time it is returned it is borrowed within an hour. Must have the magic formula.

  5. Nice review. Sounds very interesting! Love your blog by the way, cute!


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