Thursday 11 February 2010

Discussion: The Popular Debate

Are you MORE or LESS likely to read a book from a popular author?

Do you refuse to read The Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer because everyone else is?
Does an author who writes multiple titles per year get on your nerves?


Do you rush out and grab the latest from Stephen King or Nicholas Sparks because they are authors you can trust since you have read their work before?

Do you grab a book just so you can find out what all the fuss is about?

I personally don't have a problem with popular authors. I don't have any issues with the masses enjoying a book and finding that I do as well. I don't have any prejudices against author's for that matter.

I'll read anything by Sophie Kinsella. I trust her. There hasn't been a single one I've not liked! She's very popular!

If a book is more popular, or getting a lot of buzz, I'm probably MORE likely to check it out because there has to be a reason so many people like it. Maybe I'll like it too?

What do YOU think? Are you FOR or AGAINST Popular Authors? Or should I say, for or against the masses?


  1. I like popular books. But I'm most likely to sit in the store and read a few of the chapters before I commit to buying a book.

  2. I am for the authors I love - I dont go after a book just because it's written by someone "popular" IE Sparks - if it sounds good, I pick it up...then again if I have read a book by the author before IE Meyer - I will pick up pretty much anything they write...I know and love there writing, trust it - so I will for sure read anything they write.

    Does that make sense LOL

  3. I am more likely to purchase a book from an author I have read and enjoyed before.
    (Example: I just read the Girl Who Chased the Moon and enjoyed the book so much I can't wait to try Sugar Queen).

    If an author is popular I will try the book from the library.

    I would never refuse a book just because the author is popular.

    FAB question!

  4. I don't mind popular books. I won't avoid it but I also won't rush out to get it unless it's an author I love.

    I love Stephen King - I've been reading him since I was about 13 - so any new books by him, I'll be quick to grab.

    I've never really thought about whether an author is popular or not - probably because all my favourite writers are dead. :P

    If I'm disappointed by certain popular books I'll wonder how the hell it got so popular (*ahem* - Twilight :P ).

  5. I like popular authors, as long as the book subject sounds interesting. Also, I have my favorite authors. I will instantly read any Gail Carson Levine book or Kate DiCamillo book.

  6. I can't easily say I am for or against them. I do give them a shot (depending on if I've liked their work before) - especially if someone recommends it to me or it fits into genres I enjoy. I don't necessarily read them because they're popular, but I like to have an idea of what people are enjoying (part of the job, ya know).

    But on the flip side, I love finding new authors. Of course, they may become the next popular author... so you might as well give them all a shot!

  7. I definitely have some authors that are on my "must buy/must read" list. I will read all their books because they have a proven record with me. Same with a particular genre - - Jane Austen sequels I am on board with at all times, whether the author be known or unknown.

    If an author new to me is getting a lot of press I'm more likely to read that book simply because I'm hearing a lot of buzz. I read the Twilight series mainly because of all the buzz.

    Terrific question, Mary!

  8. Cool question!

    I think the popularity of an author has nothing to do with my choice in books. I'm probably more likely ro read a book that I've heard a lot about, but that does not guarantee it'll be a good one. There are many popular books and authors that I do not enjoy, so why would I assume they're all going to be good when I've experienced otherwise?

    For me, finding a good author that I like and will keep coming back to is much more important than following the "reading trends".

    Une Parole

  9. I will totally snap up any Stephen King book I see at a library book sale. I love his books, I think he is popular for a reason, his writing rocks. But, I understand not everyone enjoys his writing. As far as James Patterson, Nick Sparks, and Danielle Steele go, I just don't care much for their books, I don't see the same quality in them as I do King. Again, it's a matter of personal preference. I have such a huge TBR, that I'm more likely to purchase a book on the TBR before I buy a book from a popular author. To me, I suppose that popularity of a book doesn't really make a huge difference.

  10. I used to be against ANYTHING popular until I read Twilight. Now I'm definately in favor of popular authors for the exact reasons you mentioned.

    Unfortunately, I don't always agree with popular opinion but I'll try that author at least once--except for Stephen King because I can't read horror.

    I feel so sad for those friends who either refuse to read popular authors or who, because of all the hype, end up enjoying the books less.

  11. Sometimes when a book/author gets a lot of hype, I find I avoid it. But I am often pleasantly surprised when/if I finally pick the book up!

  12. I was against popular until I read Harry Potter. Then I gave popular a chance. Then I started Twilight. I am again much more discerning in what I pick up. I choose books by what looks interesting and when people whose taste I trust recommend books.


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