Wednesday 26 August 2009

The President's Vacation Is By The Book

Nothing says vacation like a stack of beach reads. But for President Obama, the pickings are far from pulp fiction! On the reading list for the president’s week long Martha’s Vineyard vacation are:

The Way Home, a crime thriller by George Pelecanos

Hot, Flat, and Crowded by New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman

Plainsong, a family drama by Kent Haruf

Lush Life ,a novel about race and class by Richard Price

John Adams, the Pulitzer Prize-winning biopic by historian David McCullough.

What are YOU reading on Vacation?

list from USA Today


  1. Haha, did they have this list posted somewhere?

    There are certain books that remind me about the vacation I was on when I read them and vice versa. =)

  2. That doesn't look like holiday reading to me!

    I tend to plan my holiday reading way in advance, working out what wishlisted items are released in the weeks before and stockpiling them.

  3. Interesting.
    I just read "One Fifth" by Candace Bushnell while on vacation at my grandma's farm. I didn't like it very much. :)

  4. A couple of bios and "Under the Greenwood Tree" right now. I'm trying to lessen my Currently Reading on my GoodReads list. But I enjoyed some great YA books this summer!


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