Thursday 20 August 2009

The Other Boleyn Girl

Title: The Other Boleyn Girl
Author: Philippa Gregory
Publisher: Harper Collins
Reading Level: Adult
Rating: 3

Everyone knows the fate of Anne Boleyn, but not many know the story of her rise to majesty and the part played by her rival and sister, Mary, who was Henry's mistress and mother to two of his bastard children before the dazzling older Boleyn girl even caught his eye. The Other Boleyn Girl charts the lives of both Boleyns--each in their turn "the other Boleyn Girl"--and their fiercely ambitious, conniving family who used the girls as pawns to advance their own positions at the court of Henry VIII. At 13, Mary is little more than a child when she is presented to Henry, ordered by her scheming family to serve her King and country by opening her legs whenever commanded, or doing anything else the great monarch desires. And while his loins are satisfied, life at court is sweet for the unofficial Queen and her pushy coterie. Inevitably though, the King's eyes soon begin to wander and Mary is overlooked, helpless to do anything but aid her family's plot to advance their fortunes, replace her with Anne and give Henry the greatest gift of all: a son and heir.

I really enjoyed this historical novel about the Boleyns. Philippa has a PhD from Edinburgh University in History! You know she knows her facts, and she turns them into a flowing story of what history this family has to tell. This story has shaped every single one of our lives. If you don't know why, I suggest reading the book and learn how Anne Boleyn's marriage to King Henry VIII shaped history.


  1. Mary, love, love, love this book. Great review! Hope you're planning on reading The Boleyn Inheritance as well.
    Totally OT, but I nominated you for a blog award.
    Go here!


  2. awesome review :D
    I've been meaning 2 read this book. I love the Tutors series.

  3. This does sound good. I've always found Anne Boleyn's story kind of intriguing, so I'm sure I'll like this too. I also love a story that's very rich in detail about its world - sounds like this one is exactly that!

  4. I have an award for you at my blog:

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  6. This book has caught my eye out on the shop and library shelves but I have been yet to pick it up. It sounds really interesting now though! I will definitely have to read this sometime.


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