Sunday 23 August 2009

Late Night Shopping

Title: Late Night Shopping
Author: Carmen Reid
Publisher: Corgi Books
Reading Level: Adult
Rating: 3

Annie Valentine is one ambitious lady, but does she know when to stop?

Uber-busy Annie Valentine — mum to two demanding children and personal shopper in a swanky London fashion store — is now intent on setting up a business of her own. She has ambitions for a shoe and handbag empire, and she'll do anything to get there.

But what about her adorable new man? As someone who wants nothing more than a quiet life, Ed is shocked to discover Annie is staking their home on her success. And now their relationship is on the line.

Ed isn't convinced that Annie's surprise remedy — an extravagant friends and family holiday to Italy — is really what they all need. Especially when a dashing Italian businessman promises to fulfill Annie's every dream. . . .

What a fun little book! If you love shopping then this is your kind of book. It's all about couture!
It's not your normal chic-lit, meaning it's about a woman in her 30's and she had kids! I enjoyed it. I realized that this is one of many books about Annie Valentine. I can't wait to go grab the other books. The author, Carmen Reid, is a Glaswegian! I'm looking forward to some upcoming events.

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  1. I haven't heard of this author but the books sounds good :D

    I'm reading Fragile Eternity,its getting good, but I just don't like Seth w/ Ash.


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