Monday 31 August 2009

Northanger Abbey

Title: Northanger Abbey
Author: Jane Austen
Reading Level: all ages
Rating: 4

When Catherine is invited to Northanger Abbey, the grand though forbidding ancestral seat of her suitor, Henry Tilney, she finds herself embroiled in a real drama of misapprehension, mistreatment, and mortification, until common sense and humor—and a crucial clarification of Catherine’s financial status—puts all to right. Written in 1798 but not published until after Austen’s death in 1817, Northanger Abbey is characteristically clearheaded and strong, and infinitely subtle in its comedy.

LOVED it! I know that Northanger is the lesser of the Austen books...maybe not a favorite of some...but it is one of MY favorites. I'm in love with Henry Tilney. I am. He is as good as they get. If you have never read any Austen, or just not read Northanger Abbey, now is the time. You get the feel that Jane Austen is finding herself as a writer, and that is quite fun! Northanger Abbey has everything anyone would want in a book. Romance, Mystery, Intrigue and of course a lot of dancing and gowns!! Give it a shot! I know you'll love it!


  1. I thought it was good too.

  2. I love Northanger Abbey the best of all of Jane Austen's books. I don't know why, since like you said, its not really a FAVORITE amongst Austen lovers, but I think her sly humor is at its best.

    Plus Henry Tilney is more my style of romantic hero...

  3. Of all the works by Austen, I'm probably the least familiar with Northanger Abbey -- but you've inspired me! I absolutely need to pick it up soon.

  4. Though it's not my favorite Austen novel (I'm a big fan of Persuasion), I'd say it's probably the most lighthearted and funniest one. :)

  5. I love Jane Austin and really enjoyed this movie, so I know I need to read it, thanks for the review!

  6. I haven't heard much about this one but it sounds good! Thanks for the review!

  7. This is my favourite Austen! I love how satirical she is in the first part of the novel, and then gets all swept away with the love story. Have you seen the 1970s BBC adaptation? The end is beautiful and perfect in its own right, and very different. Henry (who, you're right, is a DOLL) says this line that goes something like "Since you left the white rose has quite died from grief..." or something like that. Anyway, worth a look.

  8. It's not my favorite Austen novel, but he is definitely my favorite Austen hero! I'm sure you've gotten that from my Austen blog. :-) I can never talk about Henry enough. By the way, have you voted on the Period Drama Hero (film) poll, yet? It closes in a day!

  9. LOVE this book! I'm glad you highlighted it. It's my second favorite Austen. (First being Persuasion, of course.) And like everybody else, I think Henry Tilney is the best hero of hers. Maybe because his character is more fleshed out and he has a sense of humor? ;) Glad you enjoy it too!


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