Monday 15 October 2012

Romance Week is Here!

Romance Week is finally here!! I've always been a fan of romance in books. It is actually my most favorite part of the story. I hadn't ever read a traditional romance novel until last year though. I thought there was a stigma attached to them. I thought they were porn for women and didn't really have anything to offer. I was wrong. When I'm in a reading funk I can always grab a romance novel and slide right back into my reading groove. I love them.

I love them so much I decided to host a Romance Week! I've asked Jac @ For Love and Books to co-host with me so we have plenty of action going on at both of our blogs. So have a look!

If you've never read a romance novel or are an avid fan like myself I hope you'll enjoy what this week has to offer! We'll be busy with Reviews, Interviews, Guest Posts, Giveaway's and much more! 


  1. YAY!! I love romance novels, esp historical romance. I am a huge romantic at heart. Its part of the reason I own a the kiddlywinks can't see the covers.. ;)

    1. Yay! Me too! It's sneaky but I love that I can hide what I'm reading on my Kindle. What's your favorite romance novels?


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