Friday 19 October 2012

Romance Week at Night:: Seattle Steam series by Shelli Stevens

Goodreads summary
Dangerous Grounds by Shelli Stevens
Pages: 254 

I've read this book 3 times and never reviewed it. Why? Because I'm embarrassed to say I liked it. It's pretty steamy. It's Erotica OK. I don't like that word though. Makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong. Maybe I am? Well, it was free on Kindle one week and I grabbed it. Once I finished it I went directly to see if the author had written anything else. She's got a bunch! There were 2 more books in this series and so I paid for them. Read them. Loved them. 

Madison has opened a coffee shop Ooo La Latte {cute name eh?} and this is where the story begins. She see's her brother's old friend Gabe, who is now a cop, and immediately sets her sites on him. When she  comes into some trouble in her coffee shop Gabe is entrusted to keep her safe until the bandit is caught. 

Madison grew up with everything. Her family is rich but that doesn't mean that she hasn't worked hard or gotten things by herself. She's done all that. I really liked this about her. I can't relate to having lots of money but the fact that she works hard for what she wants and doesn't run to her family to pay for everything speaks volumes. Gabe has always been a hard worker. He's got dreams and he's living them the best he knows how. I love how they are thrown together. Forced to face each other and their mounting attraction for one another. 

Those steamy scenes are really hot. Made me want to shut my curtain for fear people would know what I was reading. Ha! But I gotta tell you...I liked 'em. I did. Oh the shame!! I think they actually made the book. What does that say? I have no idea but I've read it 3 times this year. If you are wanting to try something steamy for the first time I'd say start with Dangerous Grounds! I really liked it!

Note: contains explicit sex scenes. {ugh, hate to have to write that but it does. and they were good.}

Goodreads summary
Tempting Adam by Shelli Stevens
Pages: 246

This is another Steamy one! If you get embarrassed by sexy scenes this is not for you. But, I loved it. I really did. Adam is the quintessential cowboy and takes what he wants. He's also a gentleman. I loved his go get her attitude along side taking care of her bit. He's really a great male lead. He's what most of us dream up in our heads as what a "real" man is. He's great. 

Christy is super loyal. WAY more loyal than I'd ever be to be honest. I wanted to just slap her and say, "tell him already! It will be OK!" When she keeps a secret, she keeps a secret. Admirable but in this situation is almost cost her. 

I love the plot here. Christy goes to spend time with Gabe's family and that's where they fall in love. I mean, lovin' it. It's slow and steady. The steamy scenes are Be prepared! 

I really loved this book. It had all the makings of a great love story but we also got some steamy scenes to really keep us warm at night. I'll be re-reading this one again for sure!

Note: there are explicit sex scenes here. For adults only.

Goodreads summary
Seducing Allie by Shelli Stevens

I love a good camping book. Ha! I mean, this is a steamy book in the woods. There's something about nature that brings everyone back to basics. Relationships included. There aren't all the worldly distraction that take our focus off each other. It was the same with Allison and Clint. Getting her away from everyone and everything was his plan. 

There are some pretty funny things that happen in those woods and when Clint gets sick is where I think it all starts to turn. Allie knows she can't leave him there alone even if she wants to escape. Then I think she secretly didn't want to escape anymore. Taking care of him was more like it. You get to see them fall in love. Which I LOVE!

This is another steamy one. I hate saying erotica. But it is that. The sex scenes are explicit but I just think the added to the story. Call me crazy {or just plain old dirty} but I liked them. Sometimes you need to read something that packs a punch. This gave it to me. So sue me.

Note: Sex scenes are explicit. Should be for adults only.

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  1. Thank you for the info on the "naughty niblets"... :) I must confess to having an assortment on my Goodreads and Shelfari.. In the words of Dolly Parton from "Steel Magnolias"... sometimes its needed to "melt my butter" Headed to Amazon to kindle stalk ...


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