Monday 1 March 2010

Meet The Kids@The Shelf

Meet The Kids@The Shelf!

*6 years old and is in kindergarten.
*She has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder and is hyperlexic.
*she has 271 children's books in her own personal library (not including activity-type books)!
*Julia doesn't have a favorite book but she does have characters and authors she likes. Sandra Boynton is one of her favorite authors. A few of her favorite characters to read about are Sponge-Bob, My Little Pony's, and anything Sesame Street or Muppets.

*9 yrs old
*Loves Harry Potter & City of Embers

*7 yrs old
*Loves Captain Underpants Books!

*5 yrs old
*Loves Fancy Nancy & Fairy books!

Keep an eye out for Kids@The Shelf News!


  1. Adorable, but I think my favorite is the very last one. LOL

  2. They are each seriously adorable! :)


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