Saturday 20 March 2010

Discussion: Donating Books

This past weekend LD and I were moving the furniture around and had to take all my books off the shelves to move the bookcase. I started looking through the books and found many that I knew I wouldn't read again, that I got free, and that I didn't like but knew someone else might.

I bagged up over 20 books and took them to my local library today. The librarian was over joyed to see them as most of their funding for new books has been cut. They take what the can use and what they can't they then donate them to a local charity and they sell them on for profit to help the organization.

This got me thinking. We all have shelves and shelves of books. Why don't we pass them on??

I'm guessing we all have several books we won't read again and are just collecting dust. Although the thought of having my own library brings a smile to my face, I should pass on some of the goodness that has been bestowed upon me.

Can you find 3 books on your self that you can donate to your local library, literacy center, or favorite charity? Let's pass on our love of reading and good books for others to enjoy also.

Who is with me??


  1. I am the purging queen :) I do things like this all the time. I only keep books I love.

    Very very cool of you.
    Just think, you're spreading the love for other readers :)

  2. I totally am a de-clutter-er. is that a word? I need to get rid of things I'm not using. But I'm glad I got to give them some new awesome books.

    I told them I would give them any of the free books I received. I didn't pay for they should be passed on.

  3. Wonderful post! I love the idea of donating old books. But there's also something comforting about having a huge wall full of books, so I'm always reluctant to let them go!

  4. I just had a sort out of my books and have a big bag to take to a local charity shop. As much as I love having them a) I just plain old don't have room b) I have books I know I'm never going to read so may as well give them to someone else (usually given to me by my Mum or Grandma) and c) There are far too many books out there I haven't read to keep and re-read anything BUT my very favourites.

  5. I can't part from my books. I don't have tons, yet but the ones I have I won't give away. They've cost my money, and I can re-read them, so I feel that I probably won't give any away to a library. My library is poor on YA books, anyways and they aren't even trying to get any. I guess there is lack of interest for them in this area. More than likely, I'll give some when I have my house flooded with books, but that time hasn't comed yet.

  6. I'm feeling selfish here. I always take the books I'm finished with to used book shops to get credit so I can buy new books. Or maybe I'm just thrifty? :)

  7. There are certain books I just can't part with, but I am big on donating to our local libraries and my school library.

  8. Lia just brought in around 20 of her old books to her school teacher. I need to do the same! Great idea!

  9. A huge THANK YOU from your (not really) local librarian. Our book budget for this year has been kept the same as last. And as we only were able to officially order once last year....

    Our library does the same thing with donations--we either add to our collection or it goes to the organization whose book sales help us. Two moves ago (as I'm currently in the middle of one), I downsized two whole boxes of books. My new mantra is I'm only allowed to keep the books I know I read (in entirety or in parts) over and over again.

    As I already work at a library, I know which ones will be used for our collection, and which I can take to a used book store to get credit so I can get others I've been wanting in my collection. Yeah. I play both circuits. I'm bad. :-)

  10. I love to have books in my home, and dream of one day when I can have my own library. But...I have books I won't read again. So why should I keep them? Just to be on my shelf? I feel others should be afforded the same pleasures I have received through them. I can part with a few.

  11. Julia (my 6 year old daughter for those of you who don't know who I am) has tons of ABC and 123 books that she is too old for now. I'm going to give them to her school because funding for the preschool programs at her school is half non-existent.

  12. I donate a lot of my books. I get a ton of random books from publishers that I don't plan on reading, or final copies of books whose ARCs I already have, so I usually then just donate them. I'm a big fan of my library and am happy to help them out however I can, especially if it means more room on my shelves, lol.

  13. I am way too much of a bibliophile to give the books away. I have several from my past that I know that I don't want or need any more that I am planning on selling back to the used book store, but because of particular circumstances I have to take money for them and then donate the money instead of donating the books. I just can't pass them on that way.

    My husband is the same way: we both love books too much to get rid of them!


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