Wednesday 3 March 2010

Discussion: Book Trailers

Book trailers, what are they?

A book trailer is a video advertisement for a book which employs techniques similar to those of a movie trailer. Book Trailers can be acted out, full production trailers, flash videos, animation or simple still photos set to music with text conveying the story.

Besides being used to promote books, book trailers are a way to get otherwise reluctant readers to become motivated to read. Which I think is a great tool. Any ways we can find to get people to read are great in my book!

Here are some sample Book Trailers:

What do YOU think? Does it make you want to read the book? Should I incorporate any book trailers in my reviews? Is this the first time you've seen a book trailer?

Tell me what YOU think.


  1. I've never seen a booktrailer before! I tried to watch one of the videos you posted but it wouldn't play on my laptop. Either way, I think it's an interesting idea to promote books.

    By the way, I'v given you an award on my blog!

  2. I think they are definitely intriguing. I have never heard of it either. I think any way to promote a book is great, plus the "Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters" is actually funny - what an odd book. :)

  3. I hadn't heard of book trailers until recently but I have to say I definitely don't like. I feel it ruins one of the best parts of the book - imagining what the characters look like! But at the same time I avoid reading the back of books a lot of time and only skim reviews for books I really want to read so that nothing is given away :)

  4. I totally skim review too Amy!!! I hate when people spoil it for me. That's why my reviews are short and to the point whether I liked it or not.

  5. I feel ya girls! I too keep my reviews short. I hate reviews that are too long and tell me too much.

    As for the videos: they don't sway me but if I'm looking forward to a book - they're like teasers that get me excited about the release date.

  6. I've really enjoyed seeing some of the recent book trailers. I couldn't really say they sway me one way or the other, but they do add to the experience of the book itself.

  7. Excellent, I make some myself check it out

  8. I just experienced my first book trailer and for me, it was really good! It did make me want to read the book after viewing the trailer and it's nice to have another medium to convey what the book is about. Though, I almost wonder if I lack creativity skills if I get interested in a book because of a trailer. :) But then again, if it sparks my interest, the trailer has done it's job. I personally wouldn't mind if you posted trailers. These were really great. =)

  9. I saw the S&S&S one a few months back and laughed so hard. It's just wrong. And hilariously so.

  10. I have watched several book trailers before, and always entertained me. The ones you posted look really good! I think it captures the overall feel of the book, as well as the audience's attention or maybe even their curiosity.


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