Tuesday 19 March 2013

It's OK to Take a Blogging Break

I've not blogged much in these past two months. A few reviews here and there. But no discussions, interviews, giveaways, meme's, etc. I'm just taking a break. I didn't expect it to be this long, but it is. I've been book blogging for about 5 years and sometimes I just need a break. And that is OK. 

Does it put me out of the loop? Sure. Do my stats suffer? You bet. Am I reading as much? Nope. And that is OK. 

There is a stigma that if we take a small break from blogging the whole book blogging community will not run without us. Or maybe we'll be left behind during that time. We could be. But I'm sure your follower's would rather you take a break and come back with loads of original content than something sub par. Posts that we can all tell are just going through the motions. 

It is OK to take a break. It doesn't mean you won't be back. It doesn't mean it will even last very long. If you need to go live your life and put blogging on the back burner for a bit, then do it. I have a 2 yr old son. He comes first. If I am too busy with him and can't post well...that's just going to have to be OK. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that we shouldn't feel bad about taking a breather. We shouldn't worry about our stats, comments, etc. You just do what you need to do. And that's OK. 

It is also OK is you never want to take a break. It is OK if you want to keep going as long and hard as you can. It is OK if you're worried about your stats and followers. That is how the big bloggers got so big. They are always in front of our faces. You go for it. Whatever you want to do is OK.


It was nice to have a little break and not worry about anything. I'll be posting when I can. I have an uber fun giveaway coming up on Thursday. So stick around! 


  1. Very well said, Mary.

    I don't post as often as I used to. Not always by choice (although I have had to take self-imposed breaks) but sometimes life just gets in the way. I always return though and I know you will too, when you can and are ready.

    Enjoy your time off!

    p.s. - Look forward to seeing what you have in store on Thursday!

    1. I've been blogging for 5 years. I'm not going anywhere! But sometimes a break is just what is needed to get the juices flowing again.

  2. I always take breaks. I don't care about the stats or the numbers or my falling back on reviews. I blog for me and if I don't feel like blogging, I don't. This is a great post. Enjoy your break and we'll be here when you get back :)

    1. Amen for breaks!!

      I do it all the time too. I don't even care what it affects. I do my own thing and when I need some ME time I'm going to take it.

  3. I agree, this is very well said. I hope you enjoyed your break.

    1. I did! Well, I was sick for a major part. This cold/flu season has been brutal! But, it's good to just not have to think about blogging for awhile.


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