Monday 4 March 2013

AudioBook Review:: Three Good Things by Wendy Francis

Title: Three Good Things
Author: Wendy Francis
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Audio
Length: 7:58:26
Narrator: Madeline Maby

ELLEN M c CLARETY, a recent divorcée, has opened a new bake shop in her small Midwestern town, hoping to turn her life around by dedicating herself to the traditional Danish pastry called kringle. She is no longer saddled by her ne’er-do-well husband, but the past still haunts her—sometimes by showing up on her doorstep. Her younger sister, Lanie, is a successful divorce attorney with a baby at home. But Lanie is beginning to feel that her perfect life is not as perfect as it seems. Both women long for the guidance of their mother, who died years ago but left them with lasting memories of her love and a wonderful piece of advice: “At the end of every day, you can always think of three good things that happened.” Ellen and Lanie are as close as two sisters can be, until one begins keeping a secret that could forever change both their lives. Wearing her big Midwestern heart proudly on her sleeve, Wendy Francis skillfully illuminates the emotional lives of two women with humor and compassion, weaving a story destined to be shared with a friend, a mother, or a sister.

I've been trying new genre's this year and I wanted to read something more adult. Just wet my appetite for something different. I chose Three Good Things on audiobook to listen while I did the household chores. Make them just a little bit more enjoyable, you know?

I enjoyed Three Good Things. It was a relaxed pace and the narrator did a good job of making me feel as if sisters Ellen and Laine were talking directly to me {or at least in my kitchen}. It felt very every day. The character's are likable and I wanted to know what happened to them. It was a calm read. Very relaxing.

The story is centered around two sisters; one owning a bakery and the other an attorney. Going through their every day lives of trials and triumph's. It is a fast read and enjoyable enough if you're just looking for a little bit of escapism. I did want to try a Kringle. It sounds like a heavenly pastry! I'm going to need to stop off at the bakery today.

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