Saturday 10 September 2011

Review: His Eyes by Renee Carter

Title: His Eyes
Author: Renee Carter
Pages: 196
Format: Kindle

Amy Turner's about to graduate from high school and all she wants is a job. Actually, all she wants is to find a way to pay for college. Amy certainly isn't looking for love when she answers an ad to baby-sit a boy-she just needs the cash. But the job has a catch: The boy is blind...and he's her age.

Tristan Edmund may be hot, but he doesn't want Amy's help. Or so he thinks. After being blinded in a horse show-jumping competition, Tristan spends his days in the dark, refusing to accept his disability. Much to his annoyance, Amy bursts into his life and drags him into the light. But just as the two begin to see something in each other, Tristan's beautiful ex-girlfriend shows up. Will the temptation be too much, or will Tristan choose the girl who really sees him?

I was looking on Amazon for a new Kindle book to download for the evening and I found His Eyes. I didn't notice how small the book was or anything, but I grabbed it. I enjoyed it, but it is WAY too short. The bones to the story are there, but it seriously needs some more meat. I like to see how everyday actions get couples together. Not just the day after the meet they like each other etc. The story is good. I really liked the plot and I liked the characters. I just wanted so much more from them. 196 pages isn't enough for this story.

I normally don't read self published books. I didn't even notice this was one. I think a professional editor and agent are there for a reason. They could have been used to really bring out the best in this book and beef it up. It's a great story. Add 250 more pages and it would be fantastic! You'd give the characters time to feel, heal, and enjoy one another.

I would recommend this book. It is cute and short. You can read it in a matter for a couple of hours. I just wish it had been longer and was a little more rounded out.

"And being blind... that doesn't change who you are."

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  1. This has been on my wishlist for a while. Glad you liked it. Great review :)


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