Sunday 31 July 2011

Becca's 1st Review: The Modest Princess by Angie Eller

Title: The Modest Princess
Author: Angie Eller
Publisher: Tate Publishing and  Enterprises
Pages: 24

When Princess Sincerity receives an invitation from Prince Noble to a royal ball, she knows she has to find something extra special to wear. She also knows that the dress will be a reflection of who she is on the inside. Will she be able to find the perfect gown, and will Prince Noble notice Princess Sincerity and love her for who she is?

What a SWEET book! It's darling, daring and fitting for the youngest daughters and even for young women. The book reflects the value of modesty that is not seen much in the world today. What I loved about it is that it's not written in a "preachy" tone but rather a hip way that makes any girl reading it wish she were "The Modest Princess."

"After hours dancing hand in hand,
no moment spent apart,
Sincerity knew her standards had helped
win the prince's heart.
He told her that her gown
was both respectable and glam.
Then on one knee, he asked her if
She'd like to join the fam!"

Sweet Reading!

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