Saturday 16 January 2010

The Club Scene

It is the New Year! Is a Book Club in your future?

Ever want to join a book club but didn't know where to find one? Here we will discuss how to start your own Book Club or help you find a local group near you.

Starting your own Club:

1. Get together a core group. This can be just a group of friends, neighbors, co-workers, people you go to church with. It can be anyone who likes to read and some who don't yet! You might find enough people immediately for your club, but sometimes it can take a little persuasion to get your group started. An ideal size club is 8-11 people, but you can make it whatever size you feel most comfortable with.

2. Set a regular meeting time. Set up a regular meeting time with your core group. There can be conflicts in time, but the best thing to do is find the best time for your core group and set a time in advance. This gives your members time to plan for the evening. Not everyone will be able to come every month and this is OK.

3. Advertise your book club. If you have a core group of 3-4 then word of mouth is the best way to get your club members!

4. Set ground rules. These can be how books are chosen. Who leads discussions? Where the meetings are held, etc.

5. Meet. If your group is small at first this is OK. Just keep inviting and holding your club meetings. More will join as time passes.

Joining an already established club:

1. Book Club Meet up Groups

2. Check your local library

3. Ask friends, family, co-workers, etc if they know of any.

4. Join a web based Book club. A quick search on the internet will bring up countless online book clubs.

Barnes & Noble Book Clubs

Oprah's Book Club
The Reading Cub UK
Austen Knows Best Book Club
A List of Online Book Clubs

Are any of you members of a book club? Tell us of your
experiences and tips!


  1. I run a staff book group and so far we've had two meetings. I find it hard choosing adult titles as it isn't my forte. One book that people did enjoy is Inside the Whale by Jenny Rooney. The second book - Star of the Sea - was incredibly boring. The next meeting is on Friday and we are each going to choose a book from the Costa Book Award. I've chosen The Girl with the Glass Feet by Ali Shaw. I can't wait to see what the others choose.

  2. Goodreads is a great place to find a book club or several tailored to your particular interests.

  3. I've never been part of a bookclub before but would love to try at some point.

  4. I have never been part of a book club either. Wishing you luck!!!

  5. hi mary! awesome blog--i really like your taste! and that is so awesome that you live in scotland - i visited there a few years ago and think it has some of the most beautiful scenery! have you been to the orkney islands?
    anyway, just wanted to say hi!
    - amelia (

  6. O I totally want to join a book group! Sounds like such fun!

  7. You are so kind, sweet, and awesome--thank you for including the AKB Book Club on your list! I love you!

    I take turns with my library co-workers in monitoring the book club our library runs. I love talking to patrons about books in a sans desk setting. :-)

  8. I'm actually in the process of starting up a book club with a friend right now.

    This is great advice. Thanks!


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