Thursday 24 December 2009

Rebel (UK)/ Wayfarer (US)

Title: Rebel (UK)/Wayfarer (US)
Author: RJ Anderson
Publisher: Orchard UK
Reading level: 9-12yrs old
Rating: 2/5
Other titles in the series: Knife (UK)/Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter (US)

No ordinary fairy tale...
Linden is a feisty faery with a lot on her mind. She her fellow faeries are under threat: their magic is fading, and if they do not act fast, they will die...
When Linden meets Timothy, a human staying in the house opposite her Oak, she knows he can help. Together they embark on a dangerous journey to seek more magic ­ and discover that there is more to fear from other faeries than they could ever have imagined.

This books isn't even suppose to come out until January 7th. I've been waiting for it. I went for a stroll in Waterstone's the other day and look to my side and there it is, Rebel, the book I've been waiting for! I grabbed it quickly and bought before anyone could realize their mistake and take it off the shelf!

I'm NOT sure what I think about this book. It's NOT as good as Knife. I was expecting something MUCH more for this series. It didn't even seem like the same author. I had to check the cover once while reading just to make sure! I'm a faery lover and this book did nothing for me as it's predecessor, Knife did. I wouldn't say it's a sequel. It seems more like a companion novel. It was just OK. Not really a great faery tale. I'd say skip reading Rebel and just read Knife. It's a GREAT faery story, one I LOVED! I just LOVE LOVE LOVED Knife! You don't need to sequel to enjoy it anymore.

"Stay away from the Oak...I saw you poking at it yesterday, when you first got here. It's very old and fragile, and you're big enough to know better. So you can just keep to the house from now on and leave to Oak alone."


  1. Oh, I'm a little disappointed. I loved Knife too. For me it was a five star book and this week my WOW was Rebel. I'm deflated because you say it isn't as good. I'll still read it but now my expectations will be lower.

  2. Fab review sweetie! :) Merry Christmas :)

  3. I have been wanting to read Knife for awhile now. Looks like it's better than this one. I've got a fun little thing going on over at my blog, thought you might like to play along! It's here! Happy 2010.


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