Monday 23 November 2009

Library Loot

Went to the awesome library! Picked up these 2 lovelies...even though I have a HUGE TBR pile. I can't resist the library.

Set in Talia, a parallel world very similar to 16th-century Italy, the narrative follows Lucien, who in our world is very ill. Given a marbled notebook to use as a diary, the notebook is the unexpected means that transports Lucien to this dangerous new world; a world that thrills to the delight of political intrigue and where a life can be snuffed out with a flash of a merlino blade. The city of Bellezza (Venice in our world) is astonishingly evoked, with a filmic eye to detail, from the sensuousness of silks and velvets, to the thrill and danger of assassination attempts both and foiled and successful. The world of Talia is unforgettably and convincingly real.

When Dr Alice Tanner discovers two skeletons during an archaeological dig in southern France, she unearths a link with a horrific and brutal past. But it's not just the sight of the shattered bones that makes her uneasy; there's an overwhelming sense of evil in the tomb that Alice finds hard to shake off, even in the bright French sunshine. Puzzled by the words carved inside the chamber, Alice has an uneasy feeling that she has disturbed something which was meant to remain hidden...

Eight hundred years ago, on the night before a brutal civil war ripped apart Languedoc, three books were entrusted to Alais, a young herbalist and healer. Although she cannot understand the symbols and diagrams the books contain, Alais knows her destiny lies in protecting their secret, at all costs. Skilfully blending the lives of two women divided by centuries but united by a common destiny, 'Labyrinth' is a powerful story steeped in the atmosphere and history of southern France.


  1. I picked up Labrinth at the bookstore a while back and ended up getting a different Kate Mosse book, which was pretty good. You'll have to let me know how this one turns out. I am especially interested in her books about Southern France - the Languedoc region because that is exactly where I went to film that doc a few years back! I bet it's all about the same "mystery." Fascinating stuff!

  2. I really like the Stravaganza series. It has to be one of my favourites, and one of the books that I blame my interest in Venice on (although it wasn't the only one). ;-)


  3. LOL I so hear you on the library thing :) The books look lovely! can't wait to hear what you think of them!


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