Tuesday 3 November 2009

Christmas Once Again

Christmas doesn't feel like Christmas without my Hilary Weeks Christmas CD. It's a staple in my life. I've already brought it out and I'm enjoying it during these autumn months!

Hilary has a NEW Christmas CD out, Christmas Once Again! She has written 3 brand new songs. I've heard the sample CD on Deseret Books and I LOVE IT!! She also has a free download of her singing Simple Gifts.

What a perfect gift for myself! I mean for others of course...

Bring on Christmas! I'm ready!!


  1. You early bird! I've never heard of her. What is she like?

  2. I Love Hilary! She sang one of the songs from her new CD at Time Out for Women a few weeks ago. I'd love the CD, but I could only do 1, so that choice had to wait for another day.

  3. Don't hit me - I've never heard of Hilary Weeks *ducks*.

    But I will check out some of her songs. :)

    I know it's Christmas when the shopping centre/shops start playing Slade and Wizard.


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