Sunday 27 September 2009

Gym and Slimline

Title: Gym and Slimline
Author: Emma Burstall
Publisher: Random House UK
Reading Level: Adult
Rating: 2

Percy likes sorting out other people's problems, but her own life is a shambles, with a terrible secret addiction. Can she kick it and win back the love of her husband?

Patrice, wealthy but damaged, wants another baby, but husband Jonty isn't interested in sex. Is it her imagination, or is he getting too close to the husband of one of her new friends?

Carmen is living dangerously, determined to get pregnant by her cold, treacherous boyfriend. She doesn't see what is under her nose until it's nearly too late.

Suzanne adores her sexy second husband, but is she neglecting him for her job? And has she realized what is happening to her teenage daughter? New best friends. Their friendship is about to be tested to the limit.

I picked up this book from the library in hopes of it giving me some motivation to get to the gym. It has given me a goal to get a gym buddy...

This books wasn't really the escape I was hoping for. I read to get out of the daily life problems, and this book was chalked FULL with problems and issues normal people deal with every day. Some of you may like it. But, it wasn't really my cut of tea. I feel bad for giving it a 2 because I really don't know what I should rate this book.

It was an easy read, and enjoyable at times. But there for a bit I was thinking, I don't wanna read this anymore cause it's depressing and I do enough of that in MY life...I need an escape!!


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